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Highlights From Prayer-School list


Teresa Seputis

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The Prayer-School list is an email community to further the intercessory gifting God is releasing among many of us. For more details on this list, see the Prayer-School charter . The prayer-school is team-lead by a prayer-school leadership-core .

Enclosed are a few articles from that list which that might be a blessing to you... There are many excellent articles from the prayer-school list that I have NOT put on my WWW page. The choice of what articles I do or do not put are my WWW page are purely subjective... posts that really jump out at me... I hope you will be blessed by them...


  1. Prayer-School MiniSeries Index several short teaching-series on prayer and intercession
  2. Dialog With God Workshop 100 Three week self-paced workshop to begin to discern God speaking more clearly to you about many aspects of your life.
  3. Prophetic-School Training 101 Basic "how-to" get started in the prophetic course.
  4. Prophetic-School Training 201 Intermediate prophetic course on hearing God's voice more clearly in ministry.
  5. Prophetic-School MiniSeries Index several teaching-series on the prophetic


  1. Crowns Down (by Sheila Corner)
  2. My Father's Business (by Lorraine Robicheau)
  3. Can We Pray (by Kathy Maddox)
  4. August Prayer (by Linda Hills)
  5. A Man of Like Passions (by Don MacIntyre)
  6. Mary and Martha (by Tami Sharin)
  7. Prayer Tips (by Linda Hills)
  8. "When the thief if found ..... restoration" (by Morris Ruddick)
  9. Healing Prayer (Mike Forest)
  10. God Really Does Speak to Me! (Sue van Rooyen)
  11. Real Life or Spiritual Warfare?? (Teresa Seputis)
  12. Luke 18:1-8 -- A teaching (Richard Lang)
  13. Testimony of God's Power in Curse Breaking and Prayer (Ruthie Burnett)
  14. Mini Power-Encounter (Teresa Seputis)

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