Prayer-School: "When the thief if found ..... restoration"

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"When the thief if found ..... restoration"

Originally from: (Morris Ruddick)

Originally dated: Tue, 28 Oct 1997 08:20:29 -0700

Proverbs 6:31 reads that when the thief is found (out), that he shall restore seven fold.

That scripture was strongly upon my heart as I was awakened shortly after going to bed last night. I had a message that had just come in from a brother in Europe. He alerted me to a report on the news that he had just heard, about a coup that was underway in Zambia. A coup to unseat a committed Christian president who has proclaimed his nation would be a Christian nation.

As I prayed it was clearly evident to me that the enemy was trying to unravel something the Lord had put together.

But as I prayed on situation in Zambia and the truth in that scripture in Proverbs, I began sensing strongly that there is a major campaign underway at this time ..... that goes way beyond the situation in Zambia. A campaign that the enemy is waging; with the goal of stealing some very significant God-birthed initiatives.

I believe this is happening especially among God's chosen ..... those who have a strong call to intercession ..... and those operating in various unique business/ministry alliances and ministry-birthing capacities ...... with what seems to be unexplained and sometimes even explained delays, setbacks and reversals of important initiatives; projects; and assignments .... initiatives that had been perceived as being God-birthed.

Delays, setbacks and reversals of initiatives, projects, assignments that were in process; with everything indicating full forward momentum; and again were believed to have been clearly birthed of the Lord.

I believe it is therefore a time to stand strongly in the Lord, and believe for restoration of what the enemy has been attempting to steal.

In I Samual 30, there is a story of David ..... that took place prior to Saul's death. David, his men and their families lived in a place by the name Ziklag. I'm told that Ziklag means dispair. The story indicates that at a time when David and his men returned to Ziklag, they found their wives gone and their possessions plundered by the Amalakites. And things got pretty hot for David, as some of those with him spoke of stoning him.

But in I Sam 30: 6 it says that David strengthened himself in the Lord his God. Another translation says he encouraged himself in the Lord. Then it says he inquired of the Lord of what to do. And he was given the guidance to go .... and to recover. And in I Sam 30:18-20 .... it says that David recovered and rescued ...... he recovered everything; nothing was lost; and in addition they obtained the spoil of those they had defeated.

It is a time to be encouraged in the Lord. A time of turnaround. A time of pressing in more closely to the Lord than ever before. A time to stand strongly against the opposition ..... to stand strongly against the delays and setbacks. A time of restoration of what God intends for us regarding His plans and programs. A time of full restoration.

I want to conclude by quoting the words of President Chiluba of Zambia. His words were reported by CNN after the coup against him failed just hours ago: "Their plans have failed and my government is still firmly in control. I want to warn those who want to rise [against us] that they will fall by the sword. The enemy is defeated. Victory is ours in Jesus' name," Zambian President Chiluba said.

Morris Ruddick,

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