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My Father's Business (Lorraine Robicheau)

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Originally dated: Fri, 25 Jul 1997 08:28:46 -0400 (EDT)

Jesus said He must be about His Father's business. As an intercessor, what do you see as being your "Father's Business" in your life?

To me, my Father's Busines is to "bring many sons unto glory".

As an intercessor, I go about my Father's business by joining in with the work of Jesus Christ in heaven - intercession for the "saints" according to the will of God.

The will of God is, and always has been, that "none should perish". Jesus said He interceded for the "saints". He was referring to ALL those who would come to Him by way of the cross. You see, the cross was the greatest intercession the world has ever known. And when Jesus cried "it is finished" on that cross - it was the same cry that comes to me when I have "prayed through" and "know" in the spirit that the thing for which I have prayed is accomplished in the heavenlies and now I wait in faith to see it manifested here on the earth (Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven).

His intercession for the "bringing of many sons unto glory" was finished on the cross and that is why He said He intercedes for the "saints" because He SEES them as saints, having been already saved in the heavenlies and now He and we and all the earth "groan while we wait for the sons of God to be made known".

To me this is my Father's Business.

In the Gap

Lorraine Robicheau

Morningstar Prayer Ministry

London, Ontario Canada

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