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Prayer Tips (Linda Hills)

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Originally dated: Mon, 6 Oct 1997 11:39:41 -0400 (EDT)

Don't know where to jump in with this... but here I go with both feet! What I’m about to share may hold significance for those expecting a Sept/Oct breakthrough of sorts, who’ve had a hard time in prayer recently. Maybe it will, maybe it won’t. You discern as to whether it does. Debra Degar has been holding a 6 wk prayer workshop (meeting on Sunday nights) in a local church. We’re not talking about sitting and listening to a teaching, but a workshop where you go through the exercuse -- you're actually partisipating in what she’s teaching on! Some of what has been happening with her, and at this work shop, may shed further light for some who have been wondering "what’s up" in you prayer times. I’ll just relate a few things that have transpired and you can see if there is indeed a parallel that may shed further insight.

Back in March God was already preparing her heart, and that is when she first came to share with us (so we too began having our hearts prepared around March). When she came back down to hold this workshop (Sept 21) she came speaking of a breakthrough she expected to come Sept/Oct.

She spoke of entering a time or season of preparation as foundational for seeing the breakthrough. Guarding your heart, dealing with sin— cleansing-- that the enemy will find no place in you (John 14:30), and importance of spending time in fellowship/communion to make contact with Him.

Tip: She said the breakthrough has a determined time—in -- in the mean time "REST"! She said, when you get to the point of the breakthrough you can push, but until the timing of the breakthough comes, until the baby enters the birth canal, you can grunt and try to make it happen sooner, but it won’t make the baby come any sooner! When it’s time to enter in for the breakthrough -- press!

Tip: Be ready to "enter in" for this breakthrough-- warfare will come - stay at your posts and do not faint and grow weary! To remember that when the assaults come, and they will, God said, "It’s not personal!" God had spoken of significance of the breakthrough coming for her (and group she’s with) at the end of Sept, coming out of the narrow place. (she’s been feeling squeezed in this narrow place too!) That there is promotion and anointing coming. We in the workshop are going through the exercise of lining up with this same time table.

We spent the 2nd Sunday sharing words that God had given us that were key to the group to prepare us for the breakthrough. And she shared more on the season of preparation for seeing the breakthrough, such as the benefits of praying in the Spirit. But last night, our 3rd meeting, as we entered worship (before she even taught) entering a higher level of worship. The whole way there, I was so aware of the desperation in my own heart of the need to go deeper, of desiring desperately to "really worship’ this evening— I cried out with all that was in me the whole 30 minutes to get there-- so I was obviously interceding for the whole congregation on this! It was as if a cloud of glory had fallen over us!!!! Awesome worship!

Here is the key of what she shared... that God showed her now is a season of increased personal praise and worship. We are a people who think we need to "do something" when we come before God. But this will be worship with no warring, no praying in tongues, no bringing our prayer requests before Him—just come before Him and REST! This is a time to minister to Him! Where our heart and spirit meet with Him! God is looking for true worshippers, who not only love Him, but are "in love" with Him, coming to worship in spirit and in truth!

She said, God’s name is jealous, and He wants to take us to a new level of worship! Through this time He will speak strategies. We’re to spend this week entering deeper intimacy, and documenting the strategies He gives us. By the way, she said some of what He speaks will be to do things that might not seem proper, of which may sound foreign to some in this group— but she said, like prophesying to inanimate objects— but in obedience to what God is giving as strategy... Hope I didn’t lose some of you! :-]

So many have been experiencing this is a time of wanting to pray, but not being able to-- perhaps this is an indication that God is wanting a time here of just resting, entering deeper intimacy, and not so much a time of us "doing"— you know, how we feel when we have our quiet time we must do certain things, but He is wanting it to be a time of coming before Him where He will speak strategies. But key is "entering deeper intimacy and worship"! Not with a lot of activity! And that He will speak strategies to some! (This seems to confirm a lot of what some of you have already shared!)

Waiting upon Him--

Linda <>

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