Prayer-School: Can We Pray?

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Can We Pray? (Kathy Maddox)

Originally from: Kathy Maddox/BVRN <>

Originally dated: Wed, 06 Aug 1997 23:09:53 -0500

Fellow Saints,

The Spirit of Prophecy has come forth on this list!! As the Lord has been giving us revelation into the things He is doing, it's been all I can do to not stop this whole discussion and ask, "Can we pray... NOW?" I've run this feeling by Teresa and the Prayer Core, and have received their full support to follow what I'm feeling. Therefore.... I want to try something I've never seen or heard of being done before, and I'm feeling this so strong I can hardly stand it. Because this is a first for me, and for the list, I ask our Lord's Holy Spirit to help me, help us out here.

An incredible number of us have been hearing and seeing the same thing--that a change will occur in August, with a birthing of sorts to occur in September. Many have been awaiting the manifestation of promises from the Lord for a long time and some feel ready to burst. As well, there's been a slowing down of lifestyle and a dying to self. He has placed some people "on a shelf" and drawn us to Himself over the past three months.

In addition, I'm now seeing the subject of a judgement of "shepherds" coming forth, but I feel we need to we'll deal with the birth issue first. In all of this, I think we can say that the Lord is doing something here.

We've asked and our Lord has answered our request to talk to, use, and train on this list. I feel He has given us this revelation so that we might pray... here, on line.

In addition to praying, I've been wanting to ask what you all have been "carrying"... what promises the Lord has given you. While I was awaiting feedback from the CORE, you all have started revealing that. :)

For administrative purposes, I want to remind you that that even as we go into corporate intercession here on-line, that personal prayer requests still need to go to the Prayer Request list as before. What we will be doing here is corporate intercession on-line over an issue the Lord is speaking to the group about, which is something different than a normal prayer request.

I know many of you are already involved in corporate intercession, but some are not. We are all learning together and there is no such thing as an expert. All are welcome to pray as the Lord leads. Please be sure to stay focused, be sensitive about being long winded, and be very sensitive to the Spirit and any turns He might desire to take.

In addition--for those newer intercessors, from my personal experience, I've found that some people pray loud, some quietly; some commanding, some gently; some with fancy words, some with the simplicity of a child. There is NO intimidation on this list. It's a SAFE learning place. No prayers are too small or too short. Loud and long doesn't mean better. There is no "correct" way to do it, only that you are speaking your heart to your who God created You to be. My tie to intercession is only that I love being with and talking to my Daddy... and He talks back. That's what it's all about.

For those of you with some experience, I see that we can do this just like in "real time". I will start us out, and as the Lord quickens something to your spirit, and as He gives you revelation, please feel free to speak it forth in a message that follows mine, just like we do regular e-mail messages.

What will be neat about this is that it will all be written down, and I expect to hear our Father speak to us and bring forth even greater revelation. Those of you with experience, please come forward as the Lord leads to encourage the newer intercessors. Those who are still timid here *grin*, please be praying for this birthing right now, and that we can figure out how to make this work smoothly and effectively. Pray that we'll learn how we can do this for our friends in places, even internationally, who have no one to pray with or to learn about intercession from.

Brothers and Sisters, let us pray!!

Kathy Maddox,

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