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Prophetic School Drop-In Chat Room

(Also available on irc.ircstorm.net
IRC Server as #prophetic-school)

Note: The #prophetic-school chatroom is intended for members of the free prophetic-school email list. The chatroom is "password" controlled. and the only way to get the pasword is to subscribe to the prophetic-school email list. The password is sent to the list on Mondays. To subscribe to the #prophetic-school email list, send an email to <prophetic-school-join@godspeak.cc> and then follow the simple "confirm subscription" instructions that will be emailed to you.

Critical Links

To Chat From WWW page GoChat Click here to go chat via Java Applet.
ALTERNATE: IF the above links doesn't work for you, that means you probably need to update your java. There is, however, an alternate work-aroudn you can try:
NOTE: If you use this interface, it will pop up a screen to ask you for the room password, but it will not prompt you for your nick. Instead, you will need to use the "/nick" command to set your nick after you have entered.

The /nick command is very simple:

where nickname is the nick you want.
Example: To become GodLover, you would type
/nick GodLover
For the schedule of facilitated chat times, click here.
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Other Info On This Page

The GodSpeak prophetic-school is now on the irc.ircstorm.com irc server. For those of you with mIRC or Abilene loaded on your computer, it runs on the irc.ircstorm.net IRC server and is room #prophetic-school. (The chatroom is also available from this www page as a Java script, if you do not want to load an IRC Client.)

If you would like to download a chat client, see: http://www.godspeak.org/chat/chatclients.html

If you are new to IRC and would like to see the basic irc commands, click here.

Please feel free to drop in anytime, there will often be someone there. If no one is there when you arrive, you might stay there a while and someone will probably arrive. If not, try back another time. However, we will have a few special "gathering times" with facilitators:

Schedule of Facilitated Times

Gathering Times for Prohetic School Drop-in Chatroom
Day of Week Time of Day FacilitatorNick
Mon10 PM - Midnight ESTPam GodseyJoyfulharvest
Tue10 PM - Midnight ESTLee NardiniPurity
Wed10 PM - Midnight ESTRose ProvencherRoselion
Thu10 PM - Midnight ESTCindi AgettDunamusEvidence
Fri10 PM - Midnight ESTKay McGillPsalmist
Sat10 PM - Midnight ESTGary StroupT-Rider
Sun10 PM - Midnight ESTCarolyn CarsonSharparrow

The Tueday "day" session that was scheduled for the convenience of those in Europe is temporally cancelled until we get a new leader for it. But those of you who are used to meeting at this time are welcome to meet together unofficially (and without a facilitator leading the session) to practice sharing words for each other.
Other Ops who assist with Monitoring Chatroom
Assistant Faciliators/OpsNick
Teresa Seputis (GodSpeak Staff)teresa
Michael MontoyaMichael_Calif
Bonnie SlimmPsalm91
Cindi AgettDunamusEvidence