#Prophetic-School Chatroom Philosophy Of Leadership

We want the chatroom to be an inviting place where people are blessed and ministered to. While we have certain rules of conduct designed to make the room a safe place, we want each person who comes to feel that they are treated with love and respect and dignity. The room is primarily to serve and equip those who come by providing impartation of the prophetic and a safe place to practice listening to God for others. The room is dedicated towards it's main purpose (training/equipping people to Hear God's voice and move in the prophetic) as opposed to being a place that people come because they "need" individual/personal ministry, and we do not permit a needy person's needs to take over what is happening in the room. But within the context of the room, we expect that a lot of powerful personal ministry will happen. We desire to be Spirit-led at all times and that God have Lordship in the room.

There are, sadly, a few "hostile" people on the internet who come in expressly to cause trouble. We do have a mechanism to handle them when they get disruptive (warning, kicking and eventually banning). However most of the people who come to the room ARE NOT these troublemakers. If we are going to error, it is to be on the side of treating people with respect/love/dignity rather than on the side of being overly restrictive. There are wounded people who will be mildly inappropriate at times. Our goal is to treat them with dignity as we ask them to stop the inappopriate behavior without wounding them further. If we treat them with a "hard hand," that will make them feel offended and therefore likely to act out worse. But if we show a gentle firmness and respect for them as a person, that will often have a healing effect that will transforn the person as well as the undesired behavior. We want to give people the benefit of the doubt whenever possible, and we want to do all we can to assure that everyone who comes to the room has a good experience, because this creates an atmosphere of liberty where people can be touched/healed/empowered/anointed.

Most important of all, we want the name of Jesus to be glorified here and we want people to be able to see what the Father is doing and then to do it with Him. This room is committed to honoring and obeying God; to follow His Spirit and do with Him what He is doing at the moment. It is His room to be run His way, and He has given us guidelines that we are to follow. But within those guidelines, our desire is to bless and impart into all who come to the room. It is also our desire that those who come to this chatroom will feel loved and blessed.

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