Download Irc Chat Clients

Here is a list of various irc clients and platforms you can download. Unless you are infomred otherwise, the following applies to any setup parameters you may be asked for:
Port: 6667
Chatroom: #prophetic-school Please note that the chatroom varies for fee based classes and you will be told the correct chatroom when you register
Download Chat Clients by Your Computer's OS and by Chat Client
Your ComputerChat Client Link To Download Chat Client
Windows mIRC
Windows mirc4ircStorm
Windows Techchat
WindowsCE (Handheld) IrcCE
WindowsCE (Handheld) PocketChat
Macintosh IRCle
Macintosh MacIRC
Macintosh ShadowIRC
Macintosh Snak
Unix ircII
Unix kvirc
Unix ScrollZ
Unix X-chat