Guidelines for

GodSpeak International's

Prophetic School

Drop-In Chat Room

The Prophetic-School Drop-in chatroom is meant to a safe place to learn to hear God's voice and move in the propehtic. It also seems to have a secondary pupose of being a place for believers to be able to chat, share together, worship, pray and interceed and also to minister to each other and receive ministry, and build relationship (friendship) with like-minded believers.

We offer facilitated sessions at 10 PM through Midnight EST nightly, and Tuesdays at 6-8 PM GST (which is 1-3 PM EST). We know that people will be in the room at other times as well. We welcome your participation in this drop-in chatroom during the facilitated times and during the unfacilitated times. We ask that you adhere to certain guidelines in the room, to help make it a safe place and a place that invites the Lord's presense and anointing.

  1. Everyone is to behave in a comely Christ-like manner. There will not be any hostility, an backbiting or putting people down, talking negatively about people, leaders, moves of God, or denominations. We do not all gossip, etc. People are to treat each other kindly and with respect.

  2. The bible is the absolute standard and authority in this room. Any thing that contradicts scripture is considered offbase.

  3. Please refrain from using five-fold types of titles in your nick, such as Prophet, Pastor, Evangelist, Apostle. There have been some who have used such titles (especially apostle and prophet) who do not have the gifting/calling to go a long with that title, in hopes of gaining false "honor" in the chatroom. We have had many problems because of this, and therefore we are asking people to refrain from using those titles in their nicks. [Using them in a non-title manner is ok. Example: prophet_sue is not ok because it implies Sue is a prophet. However prophets_of_old is acceptable because it is not trying to put a title to a person. However, the singular version of that (prophet_of_old) would be problematic, because it could easily be taken as the person labeling themself as a prophet.]

    Along the same lines, please refrain from negative or potentially ungodly nicks. Nicks like Miserable_me, I_wish_I_were_dead, cheated_and_scorned may describe someone's mood at the moment, but they are not suitable for this room. If one of the Facilatators (ops) asks you to change your nick because it is "unsuitable," negative or potentially ungodly, you must comply by selecting a nick that is acceptable. In addtion, if you come frequently to the room with negative/unsuitable nicks, you will be kicked and if you still persist in doing so, you may find yourself banned. (If this sounds harsh to you, please refer back to guideline #1, about conducting yourself in a Christlike manner. That refers to your nick selection as well as your conduct in the room....)

  4. We have a safe place rule in effect here. This means it is both a safe place to give words and a safe place to receive them. The following guidelines apply:

    1. Words here must be exhorting, edifiying, comforting or building up. Corrective, directive, rebuking words are not permitted here. Words that reveal secret sins/weaknesses are not permitted here. (If you feel you are an "established prophet" and you regularly minister that way in other places, we ask that you refrain from doing so here). We consider this a training ground and many of the people who come here are just learning, these types of words are strictly off limits for this room.

    2. Refrain from delivering a word that might be embarassing to the individual receiving it. A word along the lines of "your husband has left you because you are so overweight" may be turn out to be factually accurate, but it could certainly cause a great deal of embarassement to the invididual to have that type of information made public. So we do not give words that might embarass the person.

    3. Feedback is OPTIONAL in this room.. we tend to require it in our training activations, but this is a drop-in chatroom, not a supervised classroom. If the person receiving the words desires to give feedback, it should be allowed but they should not be pressured to do so.

    4. We hold the position that this is a place where people can learn to move in the prophetic gifting. This means that as learners, they may make mistakes. So we recognize that this can happen and desire that this be a safe place to make a mistake. We do not put down or think less of someone who stretches and makes a mistake. We know that people improve with practice. Therefore, we do encourage everyone to prayerfully judge and evaulate any word they get.

    5. We also give people the freedom/liberty to "not receive" the words they are given here. If it is truely a word for the Lord, the Holy Spirit will bare witness to their spirit and confirm the word to them. If they are in a place where they are unable to receive what God is saying to them, then God will repeat it to them again later on in a manner that they can receive. If it is not a God-word (remember the last paragraph, people sometimes make mistakes) then we certainly don't want to coherse them to receive it.

    6. The person giving the would and the person receiving the word are to be courteous and gracious to each other even if there is a disagreement regarding the validity of the word. Neither is to hurt the other's feelings, put the other down or put the other on the spot.

  5. We have a zero-tollerance policy in effect, which forbids the participants in the room to harass, badmouth or otherwise attack each other. All interpersonal confilicts between chatroom members must be kept out of the chatroom. This should be implicit in light of our guideline to conduct oneself in a godly and Christ-like manner. Unfortunately, the misbehavior of a small minority has forced us to explicitely spell out this rule. Please note that violation of this can lead to a perminant ban from the chatroom. For more details on what will not be tollerated, please see Zero Tollerance Policy.

  6. We ask that you please follow the room facilitator's directions and requests with regard to behavior in the room, dropping topics that seem to get out of hand, etc. You can find an official list of room facilitators on the chatroom WWW page. The page is located at:

  7. We do not debate theology here.

  8. We do not promote other ministries or other www sites in this room. They may be excellent ministries, but this is not the place to promote them.

  9. We do not promote other chatrooms in this room. They may be excellent chatroooms, but this is not the place to promote them.

I pray that everyone who visits the drop-in chatroom will be blessed by the experience.

The Lord frequently shows up in this room and releases His anointing over it. It is our heart and our desire to run the room His way and to have an enviroment that blesses Him and invites His presense. We have well over 500 people who participate regularly in the prophetic school chatroom, and many others who drop in from time to time as their schedule permits. It is my prayer that each of you will be blessed and ministered to as you participate in this.

Teresa Seputis
Executive Director, GodSpeak International

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