#Prophetic-School "Zero Tollerance" Policy

This policy is implemented on December 8, 2008 because of recent "problems" in the chatroom.


The #prophetic-school chatroom is intended to be a "safe" place where people can come to learn to hear God's voice more accurately and to practice moving in the prophetic. It is our heart and our desire that the room be an inviting place where people are blessed and ministered to, as they grow in their ability to move in the prophetic. We strive very hard to follow the guidelines that the Lord gave us for this room, and as a result, the Lord's presence and sweetness is often tangible in our room.

However it is important to point out that this room is intended as a trainnig room for growing in the prophetic; as well as a place to help us improve our ability to hear God's voice clearly and accurately. While real frequently ministry happens in this room as people listen to God and share what He says, this chatroom is not intended as a ministry room or as a place for "the hurting" to ease their pain. In short, is is not intended as a place to come to get your needs met, but as a place to be trained and equpped; so that you can see what the Father is doing, hear what He is saying, and learn to move with Him in His power and anointing.

There are many ministry rooms on the interent (but only a few training & equipping rooms). If your primary reason for coming to the room is because you are "hurting" and you "need ministry," then #prophetic-school is not the right room for you in your time of "need". You are still welcome to come for traning/equipping, as long as you understand that we are not going to minister to your needs (unless the Holy Spirit does so through one of the words released by another in the room). Please do NOT look to this room as a place to come to "receive personal minsitry" but as a place to come to be trained to minister to others.


Most of the people who come to our chatroom conduct themselves in a Christlike manner while they are in the room. Unfortunately, that is not true of everyone.

There is a small group who are extremly disruptive and who cause problems in the room. Some of them have a tendoncy to get into conflicts with others; to be confrontational, hostile and attacking. Others come in with personal agendas that are at odds with the stated purpose of the room, and try to dominate convesation. They discuss things that are inappropriate to a Christian chatroom, such as detailed discussions about the occult, about guns, political debates, etc. Some come as self-appointed experts on various subjects and treat the room as though it is their own personal soapbox. Others come in a pushy way, demanding that those in the room drop what they are doing to minister to their needs. These type of behaviors are not appropraite for our chatroom and they will no longer be tollerated in there.

In the past, we have tried to extend grace after grace to people who did not conduct themselves in a Christlike manner. We gave them chance after chance, and we were overly tollerant of inappropriate behavior. We did this in hopes that we could restore the person. But our strategy simply is not working. It allows tension and creates an unpleasant atmosphere in the room. It also drains the anointing when people are grieving the Holy Spirit through ungodly conduct.

In addition, it tends to wear out the chatroom leaders, because they have to put so much time/effort into dealing with disruptive and sometimes openly hostile people. That is not supposed to be their job--they are there to faciliate in training/equipping, and to discern what the Lord is doing and leading the room to do it with Him.


We are introducing a "zero tollerance" policy. Unchristlike behavior will not be tollerated in the room--period. Bickering, fighting, and harrassing others in the room will not be permitted. Slandaring others or saying mean things about them will not be permitted. Complaining about others or openly criticizning them will not be permitted. Conversations about ungodly or unedifying topics will not be permitted. Behavior that disrupts the room will not be permitted.

Likewise, we will not permit people to openly debate with a room leader (a.k.a. op or facilitator) or criticize them, nor will we permit people to defy their directions.

At times, the facilitators may make decisions that you don't agree with, such as asking you to take a conversation to PC or to change a nick that you happen to like. Even if you think their decision is arbatrary, we still expect you to comply with their directions.

For the most part, our leaders treat people with respect and dignity, even when they are "correcting them." If you feel that a given leader is treating you inappropriately, please let me know. Please back it up with logs to substantiate your claim if at all possible.

I am working with the leaders and trying to get them all on the same page in terms of room rules, but there is bound to be some variation in their interpretation of the room guidelines. The leaders are not perfect and in some cases they are working through issues of their own. But they are called of God to minister in this room. They are volunteers and the put a lot of time and effort into facilitating in the room. They do this not so much as a service to GodSpeak (though GodSpeak benefits from their contribution) but as unto the Lord. They are doing their best to lead the room the way that He would have them lead it and we need to honor their leadership in the room.


Finally I need to address interpersonal conflicts between room members. If you have a personal conflict with someone, you need to keep it out of the room. You will need to be civil to each other when you are both in the room, and you are not allowed to badmouth the other person (in the chatroom, or in PC to others who are in the chatroom).

Also, please understand that the room leaders are not there to take sides or to try to mediate interpersonal conflicts, so please don't keep bringing your conflicts to them. They are there to train and equip.

I have instructed the leaders to take corrective action (usually a warning, then a kick and finally a ban) to both parties of those who bring their conflicts into the room. If one person brings the conflict into the room but the other doesn't, then only the one who brought it into the room will receive the corrctrive action. If a room leader asks you to stop arguing with someone and you stop, but the other person persists, then they will receive the corrective action and you will not.


It saddens me that I have to spell these things out so explicitely, because most people who come to the room conduct themselves in a good and godly manner. It is my heart and desire that you will have a good experience in the room, and that you will grow in your gifting and in your ability to do minister in His power and anointing. Unfortunately, we have "enough" people misbehaving that I need to address it.

Again, the main purpose of this room is for training and equpping. Of course, friendships develop in the room, and godly fellowship is a natural outgrowth of that. We are happy for people to have times of godly fellowhsip and fun together in the room, providing that fellowship doesn't conflict with our scheduled "facilitated times." Our desire is to have a room that pleases the Lord and is run His way, so that His presence and anonting will be strong in the room.

If you are one of the ones who repeatedly does what we consider to be "inappropraite behavior" in the chatroom, please do try to make an effort to change that behavior. In most cases we will give a warning (assuming that you may not realize you are doing something we consider inappropriate). If you don't heed the warning, we will kick you, then if you still persist, we will ban you. Most bans will be perminate.

You are welcome to email me and take your case to me if you feel you have been mistreated by one of the ops. But please know that I intend to enforce the zero tollerance policy, so I won't be overturning bans arising from a legitimate violation of that policy.

Please remember that this room is intended as a place for people to learn to hear God's voice and to grow in the prophetic. If you have a different agenda for being there, you might want to look for another room that is more suited to your agenda. If you want to participate in the #prophetic-school chatroom, you will have to conduct yourself in a Christlike manner while in the room. You will also have to subit to op requests--even if you disagree with our purpuse, guidelines or with a specific direction that an op gives you.

Blessings to you,

- tersea
Teresa Seputis
Executive Director and Senior Pastor of GodSpeak International

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