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Words for Novemer 2006

11-1-2006 "Claim The Land", Submitted by Steven Bliss [godsfire@woh.rr.com]
11-2-2006 "Tis the Season", Submitted by Don Froess [dfroess@telus.net]
11-3-2006 "I Will Do Battle For You!", Submitted by Colleen Vickers [dvickers@cfl.rr.com]
11-06-2006 "I Will Restore", Submitted by Teresa Seputis [ts@godspeak.net]
11-07-2006 "I Am The Restorer", Submitted by James Donovan [JDono78832@aol.com]
11-08-2006 "Jesus the Chain Breaker", Submitted by Mark Holmes [prayhardto777@comcast.net]
11-09-2006 "I Love You", Submitted by LaVon Stiles [lavonstiles@yahoo.com]
11-10-2006 "Just Because I Love You", Submitted by Lonnie Mackley [lbmkly@yahoo.com]
11-13-2006 "Rise Up Into Victory", Submitted by Teresa Seputis [ts@godspeak.net]
11-14-2006 "Don't Give Up", Submitted by Wade Preston [iacwc@hotmail.com]
11-15-2006 "Give a Shout!", Submitted by Suzanne Cantrelle (davidlovessusie@yahoo.com]
11-16-2006 "STEP", Submitted by Judy Rohde" [jmr2frog@gmail.com]
11-17-2006 "My People", Submitted by Steven Bliss [godsfire@woh.rr.com]
11-20-2006 "Struggles and Overcoming", Submitted by Teresa Seputis [ts@godspeak.net]
11-21-2006 "From The Beginning", Submitted by Steven Bliss [godsfire@woh.rr.com]
11-22-2006 "Right Where You Need To Be", Submitted by Lonnie Mackley [lbmkly@yahoo.com]
11-23-2006 "In All Things", Submitted by Teresa Seputis [ts@godspeak.net]
11-24-2006 "Walk in My Truth", Submitted by Nancy Smith [dancin-nan@earthlink.net]
11-27-2006 "Called, Anointed and Chosen", Submitted by Teresa Seputis [ts@godspeak.net]
11-28-2006 "You Are Ready!", Submitted by Paul Baker [paulandkaybaker@comcast.net]
11-28-2006 "Accept Your Assignment", Submitted by Betty Heimbach (bettyheimbach@earthlink.net)
11-30-2006 "Launch Forth", Submitted by Steven Bliss [godsfire@woh.rr.com]