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Author: Teresa Seputis ts@godspeak.net http://www.godspeak.net
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Dream Misinterpretation

Lesson 9

By Teresa Seputis


The second dream was in confirmation to the advice God had me give the pastor. Part of what I had written was:

As a pastor, you can pray with the prophet to bring what they have seen back to God and ask Him for greater clarity and revelation. You can also rebuke any spirits of false revelation or Second Heaven prophesy from getting involved in this. You should also encourage the prophet to draw and remain very close to God. Typically (but not always), the second heaven revelation comes when the prophetic person is more deeply involved in spiritual warfare than in the level of personal closeness/intimacy with God. This makes them vulnerable to enemy attack and/or deceit.

If a prophetic person receives what looks like major-scale revelation, they need to really draw close to God. If the revelation is from God, they will need to be really close to Him to fine-tune their hearing so they can get more information or details or directions from God. If the revelation is from the devil, the intimacy with God will form a screen of protection over them to shield them from receiving additional false revelation. So regardless of the source, a prophet needs to really press into God when they get a large-scale vision or revelation.

In the second dream, I had a positive big-scale revelation (of God) and I was very close to Him. The purpose of this dream was to confirm what God had me write about how to pastor the prophetic when they experience Second Heaven revelation. The main thrust of what I wrote was to draw closer to God and to ask Him about the revelation.

At one point in the dream, something happened that I did not understand or expect: I began to be lifted up off the ground and rise into the air. That is sort of like what the "Rapture" movies depict, but I don't personally believe in the rapture, so that experience did not fit into my theology. I became frightened when the revelation of God's presence resulted in something I did not expect or understand. But I cried out to God and He instantly gave me understanding that took away the fear and gave me peace.

This is symbolic of what God does in the prophet's life. When we walk close to God, He will be quick to answer our questions about any revelation that we don't understand. He will show us clearly what is from Him and what is not. We get that understanding by hearing Him out of our place of intimacy, and that keeps us from being deceived by the evil one with demonic revelation.

The last part of the dream is the excitement and hunger for more. I had received the revelation (that God was the one lifting me up) and I wanted to know more. And when I asked Him, He told me. That also follows closely and confirms what God had me tell the pastor regarding how to pastor the prophetic. If it was not from God, He would let us know. And if it was from Him, He will clarify it and give more information as we ask Him for it.


This dream also deals with receiving prophetic revelation and trying to sort out what is of God and what is not. Dream 2 discussed this theme from the orientation of deep intimacy with God. When a prophet is in that place of intimacy, our hearing is clear and quick (we hear from God immediately) and it is easy to sort out what is from God and what is not from Him. It is easy to process new, "big," or cutting-edge revelation from this place of deep intimacy with God.

Dream 3 shows what is like when the prophet is not walking in that place of close intimacy -- I am not saying the prophet is backslidden, just that they are in a dry or desert place. We all experience those dry places from time to time in our Christian walk. Satan is more likely to try and deceive a prophetic person with false or Second Heaven revelation when they are in their desert experience. That is because they don't have that quick, easy discerning of His voice, and it is harder for them to detect false revelation, so they are more susceptible to demonic torment or deceit.

In the dream, I go to the meeting because I am seeking the presence of God at that meeting, and I am not experiencing it before the meeting starts. This represents the prophetic person in a dry or desert season. One of the worship leaders spoke to me and told me what God was going to do for me (prophecy) before the meeting started. This is another indication of receiving prophetic revelation outside of that place of deep intimacy and God's presence.

The speaker's shirt represents his mantle or anointing, and his particular anointing is to usher in the presence of God. I was at the meeting because I was seeking that place of intimacy with God, which meant I was not walking in it at the moment when I received the revelation. The people who are with me in the dream are all various representations of a single prophetic person. (The Bible recognizes that we are multifaceted: there is the fleshly or carnal nature, the spirit-man, the emotional part of us that grows and matures in the Lord as the Holy Spirit transforms us, etc.) In the dream, God uses multiple people to represent different aspects of a prophetic person's nature. All three people in the dream who accompanied me to the meeting were GodSpeak staff or volunteers. The team from GodSpeak at the meeting represents prophetic ministry.

In real life, Paul is a staff member, but he is inactive because of a sickness in his family that is consuming much of his time and energy. In the dream, Paul represents the carnal side of a prophet's nature or their "flesh." I am not saying that Paul is carnal or fleshly in real life; he is not. But in this dream, he represents the immature or carnal side of a prophetic person.

By the way, the shirt Paul got was Navy blue. There are a few colors that God uses with me on a regular basis to represent certain things. He uses blue to represent the prophetic. In this dream, navy blue represents darkened or tainted prophetic revelation -- and indication that the prophetic person is receiving some demonic counterfeits of true revelation.

When Paul got the shirt, he began to "show off" the fact that he had the shirt by standing up on his chair and waving it in circles over his head so everyone could see that he had it. And when a prophet gets supernatural revelation, there is sometimes a temptation to "show off" and try to impress people with the revelation we get. If a prophet gives into that carnal temptation, they can end up releasing false or demonic prophecy before they have processed it with God and heard clearly from Him about it.

That carnal part of a prophet's nature was in the forefront (aisle seat) when the revelation came. That represents Satan's tactic of looking for a fleshly or carnal moment in a prophet's life when he gives them false or Second Heaven revelation. But in the dream, the carnal nature does not control how the prophetic person processes the revelation when it comes. Their mature side takes over and they try to do the right thing with this revelation (me taking the shirt away from Paul and trying to return it to the speaker).

Second Heaven revelation is intentionally unclean and overwhelming and even in our maturity we don't always know how to process it (I was unable to return the shirt to the speaker). The fact that I went around to the other side of the stage and looked for people in the front row to help me return the shirt represents bringing the revelation to other prophetic people to have it judged. The immature prophet is overwhelmed by the Second Heaven revelation and shares it before they hear from God about it and about what He wants them to do with it. But the mature prophet brings a troublesome word (a word where he has not heard clearly from God) to be judged by others before he releases it to the body of Christ. In the dream, I laid the shirt on an empty chair, which is symbolic of sitting on the word or not delivering it until God gives clear understanding of what He is saying and what He wants done with it.

I went back to my seat and waited on God. At first I was leery and not sure what was flesh and what was Spirit. This represents the process of seeking God and trying to discern what is of Him. Now, here is the neat part. As I waited on God, that discernment began to come. I was able to discern God's presence on the Asian lady and I began to enter back into that place of deep intimacy with God where He was just starting to touch me with His wonderful presence.

This is God's commentary on processing revelation when we are not in that place of intimacy and clear hearing -- do not allow ourselves to be driven from that false sense of urgency or overwhelmedness that comes with Second Heaven revelation. Instead, press into God and wait on Him for clear revelation and instructions, and He will give it to you.


Now, I believe there is a reason that God gave me these three dreams on Second Heaven revelation and how to process it. The Bible tells us that the devil is going to be very active in the "last days" trying to deceive many. Jesus warns us in Matthew 24:4-5, "Watch out that no one deceives you. For many will come in My name, claiming, 'I am the Christ,' and will deceive many." And likewise there will be an increase of false prophesy in the last days where people will claim to speak for Christ when they are not really speaking for Him, and they will deceive many. Matthew 24:11 tells us, "And many false prophets will appear and deceive many people."

Here is my take on it -- this is not talking about the devil raising up new false prophets who suddenly appear on the scene and begin to prophesy and the church suddenly starts believing them. I believe this is talking about the devil giving false prophetic revelation to those who have already demonstrated some prophetic ability. He is going to speak false prophesy through many prophets by deceiving them and giving them Second Heaven revelation and demonically inspired messages. The first dream demonstrates how he tries to deceive God's true prophets with false revelation. Most of the time, most of us are not susceptible to that. But at times, various ones of us are susceptible, especially the less experienced prophets.

God is warning his prophets that we need to press into Him and remain in that place of intimacy with Him so we can hear His voice clearly and not be deceived. Matthew 24:24 tells us that the devil will do his best to deceive God's elect. It says, "For false Christs and false prophets will appear and perform great signs and miracles to deceive even the elect--if that were possible." I take that verse to mean that it is possible for the devil to deceive us with false revelation if we are not in that place of intimacy and clear hearing of God's voice. Jesus is telling us ahead of time what the devil's plans are so that we won't fall suspect to them. I take this to mean that we are entering a season where false and demonic revelation will increase. As prophetic people, we must be very careful to hear clearly from God before we attempt to speak for Him.

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