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Dream Misinterpretation

Lesson 10

By Teresa Seputis

We have looked separately at the various interpretations to the three dreams in lessons three to nine. This lesson will compare them, giving an overview of how they are different.

In theory, we should expect that when different prophets seek God about the same dream, they should get similar (or at least complimentary) interpretations. But that did not happen in my case. There were five of us, including me, who interpreted this dream. And all five of us ended up with totally different interpretations that did not resemble each other at all. Four of us did see a common theme running through all three dreams, but we each saw a completely different theme.

Prophet A saw the theme of God preparing me to speak out against prophets who misuse their ministry for their own personal gain and financial profit at the expense of other believers. Prophet B saw a theme of an upcoming time of personal training that would be very difficult, intense and faith-challenging. Prophet C did not show a direct relationship between the three dreams. He saw dream one as pertaining to the church at large, but dreams two and three relating to me personally. Prophet D saw a theme of spiritual warfare and enemy attacks against the prophetic. And I saw the three dreams sharing insights about Second Heaven revelation that God wanted me to give to a pastor who needed advice on how to deal with one of the prophets in his congregation.

I would like to look briefly at the different interpretations that each of us had for each dream.


A dream of terrorists attacking a bank that I was in, killing many and taking others hostage. Then they forced me and one other person at gunpoint to become their spokespeople, to speak their demands to the authorities. However, their demands were cryptic, elusive and hard to understand.

Prophet A Interpretation Of Dream 1:

The symbols in this dream relate to the ungodly fundraising techniques of the profit-seeking prophets. Also, you have a basic "fear of man" stemming from not getting enough love as a child, and God wants to heal you of that so that you will not be afraid to confront the people who are "prophesying and robbing people."

Prophet B Interpretation Of Dream 1:

This is foretelling a time of extremely difficult personal training, that you will find very unsettling. It will occur in a public setting rather than secretly, but God will protect you against accusations and wrong judgments and other attacks coming from deceived people.

Prophet C Interpretation Of Dream 1:

The devil is attacking the church at large through gossip and accusations and also wishes to pervert doctrine. However, as various individual ministers call out to God for help, He protects them against this type of attack. For you personally, God has enveloped you in His truth and light, which protects you from enemy deception and enables you to see His truth. And He has given you authority over this enemy tactic against the church.

Prophet D Interpretation Of Dream 1:

This dream showed various demonic tactics and strategies of launching spiritual warfare against the prophetic in order to try and shut it down.

My Interpretation Of Dream 1:

This dream was from the deceived prophet's perspective, and it showed just how easy it was to be deceived by Second Heaven revelation. God was trying to give me a bit of sympathy/empathy for prophets receiving this revelation because He wanted me to tell a pastor how to pastor one of his prophets who was receiving Second Heaven revelation about the recent tsunami disaster in Asia.


I was surrounded by God's presence and began to be lifted upwards as if being raptured. At first I was frightened but God assured me that it was Him and then I was excited and could hardly wait to see Him face to face.

Prophet A Interpretation Of Dream 2:

This dream was God telling you that he would soon heal you emotionally by drawing you closer to him. The reason for this healing is so you won't be afraid of man so you can challenge those who are ministering wrongly.

Prophet B Interpretation Of Dream 2:

This indicates that God is very pleased with you and that He is affirming that you are called/chosen no matter how difficult your training may get.

Prophet C Interpretation Of Dream 2:

God is revealing Himself to the church (and to you personally) differently and slower than expected, but His timing is perfect.

Prophet D Interpretation Of Dream 2:

This dream was about God preparing and equipping you personally for the prophetic, and giving you prophetic revelation. He is preparing you to be able to minister effectively in love.

My Interpretation Of Dream 2:

This dream confirmed the advice God had me give the pastor about how to process confusing and potentially Second Heaven revelation, by pressing into God and asking Him to speak to you about it. This dream was from the orientation of someone who was already in a place of intimacy with God, and how it is very easy for them to hear clearly from God about their revelation.


I went to a big conference with three other people, and we had front row seats. One of the people with me somehow got the speaker's shirt and stood on his chair and waved it over his head. Embarrassed, I took the shirt away from him and tried to return it to the speaker. When the meeting started, I noticed a mixture of both flesh and spirit. I was on guard and leery because I did not want to engage in any fleshy manifestations. But as the meeting progressed, I sensed God's Spirit beginning to touch me.

Prophet A Interpretation Of Dream 3:

The woman behind you indicates God bringing supporters to you. Your taking the shirt away from Paul indicates that you will be correcting prophetic abusers. The part at the end of where you sense a the mix of flesh and spirit was an indication that you are only called to deal with certain fleshly ministries as God leads, instead of challenging all fleshly ministries.

Prophet B Interpretation Of Dream 3:

God is going to send someone into your life as a covering for you, someone who you can go to and lean on during this period of difficult training.

Prophet C Interpretation Of Dream 3:

This is a prediction that a near future blessing will come your way. Also, God is guarding your heart and emotions. The dream shows that someone who you had once given authority to in your life had misused that authority and you had to take away from them. You have not found someone to take that person's place in your life.

Prophet D Interpretation Of Dream 3:

This dream pictures being on the front lines in a spiritual battle for the prophetic, emphasizing self-control, self-discipline and authority. It also shows the importance/value of having personal intercessors to cover your prophetic ministry.

My Interpretation Of Dream 3:

This dream was also confirmation about the advice God had me give the pastor, but it was from the orientation of a prophet who is in a desert experience and who is not presently enjoying that deep intimacy with God. The process of pressing into God is a bit more complicated, but it still works and the prophet can still hear clearly from God.

I personally found it alarming that all of these people supposedly heard from God about these dreams, but what they heard did not synch up with each other. That drove me to Scripture to look at what the Bible had to say about the prophetic and dream interpretation. We will look at that in our next lesson.

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