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Dream Misinterpretation

Lesson 8

By Teresa Seputis

We have just spent the last five lessons looking at my dreams and at many different interpretations of them. As these varying interpretations came in, they created two problems for me. First, I did not get an inward witness to any of the interpretations. Some of the interpretations had one or two details that were true/accurate in my life, but the overall interpretations just did not seem to fit. Second, I found it disturbing that all of these gifted people who were supposedly hearing from God all heard different things. Shouldn't the same God who gave the dream to me in the first place give the same (or at least similar) interpretations to those who sought Him for it?

The more I thought about it, the more frustrated I became. Should I selectively take the bits and pieces that I could relate to from each interpretation and discard the rest? Or should I throw out the whole interpretation because of the many parts that I could not relate to? I was not sure what to do, so I was forced to go back to God once again and ask Him about the dreams. What was He trying to say to me in all of this? How should I process these dreams? I spent some time praying before I went to sleep that night. When I woke up the next morning, I continued to ask God about the situation. And that is when He spoke to me about the dreams.

I would like to share what God said to me. I would also like to point out that I had to hear from God for myself about these dreams. God had personalized them for me, using a context that no one else had so they would not be able to interpret the dream. I am starting to think that this is the general rule, and not the exception. Perhaps many of our dreams are not meant to be interpreted by others, but for us to press into God until we get an understanding of what He is saying.


I spent some time praying and asking God about this dream. He gave me the interpretation to the first dream at 5 AM Thursday morning, the day after I had the last dream and about 48 hours after the first dream. The meaning turned out to be much simpler than I expected and it turned out to be related to some events in my life. On Monday I had sent out a prophesy about the tsunami. A pastor in a part of Asia not effected by the tsunami had emailed me on Monday Night to ask about a prophetic person in their congregation who had visions of the tsunami disaster (the same images that we've seen on TV) for months preceding it. At the time the pastor had not paid much attention to her warnings as they seemed far-fetched and vague. This same lady had visions of significant additional after-tremors for the next month and the pastor wanted to know what to do about it.

I read the email on Tuesday morning and I immediately heard from God that this was a Second Heaven vision (one from demonic realms of upcoming demonic destruction, not from God). I wrote him back, explained what Second Heaven revelation was and shared some hints on how to pastor prophetic people when they have Second Heaven visions.

I had the dream about the terrorists robbing the bank after the pastor's email arrived but before I read it. I need to explain what Second Heaven revelation is before I proceed with explaining the dream:

Second Heaven revelation does not come from the Lord but from the demonic realms, depicting the plans of destruction that the devil has in mind. Sometimes the devil actually carries out those plans but most of the time he does not. Most Second Heaven visions depict natural disasters in vivid detail, but they can also depict wars, nuclear holocaust, terrorist attacks, etc. They are intended to frighten and torment, and they contain horrible images of mass destruction and death. The messages that come out of this type of vision are usually vague and cryptic.

The devil watches for those who hear from God and also tries to speak to them...he likes to give them horrible warning "messages" that they are helpless to do anything about. Typically the scale of the vision is so vast it is overwhelming, and it always contains massive death and destruction -- leaving the prophetic person wanting to do something to stop or lessen the death and destruction, but powerless to do so.

When God gives a message, He shows us what to do with it. But Second Heaven revelation leaves the person with horrible information and helpless to do anything effective with it. Second Heaven revelation gives a message of impending disaster in which the details are terrifying but somewhat vague and nothing can be done to prevent that disaster. Most of the time those disasters do not happen within the natural lifetime of the person who received the Second Heaven revelation, but sometimes they do.

The dream was intended to give me some sympathy for the prophet who was deceived by the second heaven revelation so I would not be hard on her or harsh in my recommendations to the pastor on how to pastor the prophetic. The advice that I gave him on how to pastor that problem came as revelation from God, and I remember thinking it "sounded good" as I prophetically wrote the email. The second dream was a strong confirmation of the advice that I did give in that email. The third dream was an expansion on that advice as well.

The first dream was not a Second Heaven revelation, but contained many of the elements of Second Heaven revelation, and was meant as a teaching or warning about Second Heaven revelation and how easy it is for a true prophetic person to be deceived by this if they are not walking close to God at that moment. The dream started with me at the bank lobby, waiting for someone important. Banks are resource centers where we deposit and later go to get some of our financial resources. In this case, the resource center was symbolic of spiritual resources, of the anointing and revelation and "true riches" of the kingdom of God. I was not going to the teller to get resources, I was in the lobby waiting for someone. That represents being out of close/intimate relationship with God (waiting from Him instead of being right there with Him). And the time when a prophetic person is susceptible to being deceived by demonic revelation is when they are not in that close place with God.

In the dream, terrible disaster happened around me in front of all those people being killed by terrorists, and I was powerless to do anything about it. That powerlessness in the face of disaster is one of the main elements of Second Heaven revelation. In the dream I was about to be killed and I was frightened, and Second Heaven revelation is intended to incite fear and anxiety.

In Second Heaven revelation, the details are vague and that also happened in this dream. First there was a disparity between the number of survivors who I thought I saw and the number the terrorist said were still alive. Second, the details of the terrorist demands were vague, unclear and hard to understand. The date of their holiday demand kept changing.

The demands of the terrorists in the dream seemed noble, and for a brief instant I was almost caught up in looking favorably on the terrorists, but then I remembered their method of operation -- killing, stealing and destroying and I was no longer taken in by them. The "goal" of the Second Heaven revelation may seem noble at first, to warn people and to mobilize people to pray. But God does not usually use fear and terror to motivate His own, those are techniques of the devil designed to tear down faith and trust in God.

Another element of Second Heaven revelation is that the demonic realm tries to force a true prophetic person to become their spokesperson. The terrorists did this to me in the dream at gunpoint. Their other spokesperson (the short, fat lady with curly hair) ended up just telling jokes and not giving any real demands. That is because the devil uses Second Heaven revelation to make a joke or mockery out of the true prophetic. In the dream, the lights and flashbulbs of the press temporarily blinded me, and blinding is often symbolic of deception. The goal of Second Heaven revelation is to deceive a true prophet to speak forth demonic vision and revelation.

However there is one important thing that happened in this dream. Remember when I was laying on the floor of the lobby and the terrorist was shooting people and approaching me? I prayed and cried out to God to help and to protect me -- and immediately at that point the terrorist stopped killing people and started gathering them into small groups of hostages. The important thing is that when I cried out to God for help, God was present to help. We need to be mindful that even in the midst of demonic attack, God is near to us and available to help us when we cry out to Him. The devil seems to have some ability to trick and deceive even God's elect, but our safety is in drawing near to God, staying close to Him and looking to Him to help when the demonic turns it's attention our way.

By the way, there was an interesting coincidence to this. The National Security Advisory board issued a terrorist warning the same day that God explained the dream to me. The warning said that the al Qaeda is watching American banks and may be planning a terrorist attack against them. It was all over the news that day...

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