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Dream Misinterpretation

Lesson 7

By Teresa Seputis

Lessons 3 to 7 look at different interpretations to the same dreams, given by different prophets. Lesson 3 shared the three dreams in detail. Lesson 4 gave Prophet A's interpretation. Lesson 5 gave interpretations from Prophets B and C. Lesson 6 looked at Prophet D's interpretation of dream 1 and this lesson looks at her interpretation of dreams 2 and 3.

Please refer to lesson 3 for the details of the dreams, but here is a quick summary of dreams 2 and 3:

Dream 2:
I was surrounded by God's presence and began to be lifted upwards as if being raptured. At first I was frightened but God assured me that it was Him and then I was excited and could hardly wait to see Him face to face.
Dream 3:
I went to a big conference with three other people, and we had front row seats. One of the people with me somehow got the speaker's shirt and stood on his chair and waved it over his head. Embarrassed, I took the shirt away from him and tried to return it to the speaker. When the meeting started, I noticed a mixture of both flesh and spirit. I was on guard and leery because I did not want to engage in any fleshy manifestations. But as the meeting progressed, I sensed God's Spirit beginning to touch me.


She did not give interpretation of individual symbols, but of the whole dream:
This dream shows God speaking to you, giving you light or understanding, that is His prophetic revelation. Then He lifts you up or exalts you and other prophetic people who are also "in the light" of God's truth. "Humble yourself and in due time God exalts. Draw nigh to God and He will draw nigh to you." Yes, God's prophets do see/hear Him with the eyes/ears of faith but soon face to face.

The love of God MUST be what governs prophetic people and their spiritual gifts or they are nothing but sounding brass and tinkling cymbals. So much noise, in other words. 1 Cor. 13 demands that spiritual gifts be governed by love! In your dream this is so.


"...chairs surrounded all four sides of the stage."
Chair is a symbol of authority much as a throne, we are seated with Christ in Heavenlies, a chairman is in charge.

"...very front row..."
Row is a battle, struggle. "...along the side of the stage that was the 'front.'"
The front is a spiritual war zone or battlefront.

"...one of the singers was on the stage preparing her microphone."
Sing is to divulge information or secrets of God, verbalize, vocalize, preach. And speech represents the prophetic word.

"The singer told me that the woman sitting behind me ..."
Someone who is "behind you" is a supporter who backs you up.

Paul here may symbolize the apostolic, after the apostle Paul; even perhaps refer to something that Paul wrote in Bible.
"...had somehow managed to get one of the main speaker's shirts..."
Shirt is a symbol of burdens as it covers the back/shoulders which carry burdens, also a symbol of emotions as it covers the heart.
"... navy blue..."
The color of the speaker's shirt (navy) may be significant. Navy means ships, ships are relationships, possibly fellowships or churches. Thus the speaker may be sharing a burden for churches that he has or sharing his personal testimony about burdens.

"I had originally given him the aisle seat."
Aisle and I'll are homonyms, words sound the same but have different meanings. I'll is a contraction for "I will." See if this may apply to Paul as a real man or as a symbol of the apostolic. Do you delegate authority to Paul, trust his discipline and self-control [aisle seat] only to have to remove him from his place of authority? Then do you have to assume that self-disciplined authority or aisle seat back? Or Paul may just show what is happening in the church, delegated trust and authority is abused or misused.

"I moved to the aisle and had him step off his chair and pushed him in front of one of the other seats, keeping the aisle for myself."
Aisle as a homonym for "I will," e.g., self-control.

"I took the shirt away from him and tried to return it, but was unable to do so."
You cannot return a burden or emotion concerning relationship/fellowship.

"Several of the seats had shirts laying across the back of the chair."
Burdens left behind and/or emotions, soul exposed or the chairs with shirts may be burden bearers or intercessors surrounding the speaker. Some well-known speakers surround themselves like this.

"Then I returned to my aisle seat."
Again, aisle as a homonym for "I will," denoting a place of purpose or determination, especially of one in authority (as you are the preacher).

"I only wanted to 'manifest' if God's presence/touch was truly on me."
This is your desire to be a true prophetic voice and good example to others.

"Asian lady ... twirling in circles with complete abandonment."
Spinning and turning around can mean repentance. This may represent a spiritual vision on your part for Asia to repent and have this wonderful peace of God.

This dream pictures being on the front lines in a spiritual battle for the prophetic, an awesome seat! It emphasizes self-control, self-discipline and authority [aisle seat].

Every speaker needs to be surrounded with burden bearers, intercessors [row of empty front seats with shirts in back of stage, not at 'the' front]. These intercessors need to use the word as sword in warfare [Bibles on seats].

It warns that emotions, soulish or fleshly, must be discerned and removed from the church and from relationships [navy shirts]. A speaker should not speak with these burdens himself but he can speak about them. Perhaps Paul has identified with the speaker's burdens and that this is what waving the speaker's shirt around means. A well-known speaker can get people to empathize with good illustrations from his personal life that are part of an awesome testimony. You putting this speaker's shirt on a chair may mean, delegating a speaker's burden to an intercessor or burden bearer. Perhaps you have your own intercessory group that prays/bears burdens as you speak or preach or prophesy.

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