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Dream Misinterpretation

Lesson 6

By Teresa Seputis

Lessons 3 to 7 look at different interpretations of the same dreams, given by different prophets. Lesson 3 shared the three dreams in detail. Lesson 4 gave Prophet A's interpretation. Lesson 5 gave interpretations from Prophets B and C. This lesson looks at Prophet D's interpretation of dream 1 and lesson 7 will look at her interpretation of dreams two and three.

Please refer to lesson 3 for the details of the dreams, but here is a quick summary of Dream 1:

A dream of terrorists attacking a bank that I was in, killing many and taking others hostage. Then they forced me and one other person at gunpoint to become their spokespeople, to speak their demands to the authorities. However, their demands were cryptic, elusive and hard to understand.

Prophet D is someone who has a recognized ministry of interpreting dreams. Her style is primarily to share various meanings that a symbol has and let the dreamer figure out how these piece together into a coherent meaning. She does not use to someone else's symbol lookup book, but she has developed her own. It is based on symbols from previous dreams she has interpreted. When God gives her a new symbol in a dream she is interpreting, she adds it to her lookup book. She admits that symbols in dreams can have different meanings for a given individual, but shares what that symbol meant in other people's dreams. She also uses the dictionary and sometimes even does research on something on the Internet. (She did that with Wells Fargo Bank, the first symbol in my first dream, and prayerfully derives a meaning to the symbol from her research. I imagine that she has added the Wells Fargo Bank symbol to her list of symbols, since she researched it for my dream.)

She also does a sort of free association practice where she looks for homonyms on symbols. Homonyms are two words that sound alike but have different spellings and meanings. An example would be the English words "eye" and "I" -- both are pronounced the same but have totally different meanings. You will see some use of homonyms in her interpretation of dream 3.


"I entered a Wells Fargo Bank."
The bank of Wells Fargo merged with a couple of trust companies and does have a trust dept. This bank is a symbol of trust in the Lord, confidence, faith & reliance on God, something one can "bank on." This is a place FOR true prophetic people with an enlarged spiritual view, insight, revelatory understanding. [symbol of all glass windows]

"I thought about running out of the lobby to the street, but instead I dropped to the ground..."
  1. Grounded in truth in face of enemy attacks.
  2. Lying low: To keep oneself or one's plans hidden. To bide one's time but remain ready for action. God's prophets need to do this many times.
  3. humility, meekness.

"...I could see a bit around the corner where the teller area was."
TELLER: One who tells: a foreteller/forth-teller of God's revelation, e.g., a prophet.

"I remember wooden counters and red carpet"
Red carpet treatment is for important VIP's, God's prophets are His special VIP's.

"...Some people, who I will refer to as 'terrorists'..."
Symbols of the devil and his tactics against God's prophets.

"I did not expect the robber/terrorists to hurt those who were not resisting."
Sometimes it's hard to be passive and hold a prophetic word for a season, but a wise/mature prophet will.

"One of the terrorists was a short thin woman, and she was dressed in all black."

"She shot another person, then came 'around the corner' "
About to happen; imminent.

"I was afraid that I was going to be killed..."
God's prophets have been killed and threatened all throughout history.

"Gather the survivors into groups of five."
Possible reference to fivefold ministry.

"They gathered...people into a group and ushered them into the teller area."
Pointing out or targeting the prophetic people.

"The woman in black made me stand up and told me that I was going to be one of their spokesmen."
Terrorist spokesman represents false prophets who use the devil's words.

"...demands seemed like good things and I almost found myself having some sympathy for the terrorists -- as if they were trying to do something noble."
Devils are angels of light, this represents deception.

"The lady terrorist was trying to help me understand their demands, but she insisted that I use my own terminology to phrase them."
The devil wants us to use his words as our own.

"The head terrorist came outside with us, holding a gun on us..."
Threat, evil spirit of intimidation.

"...with a bunch of microphones..."
Symbol of speech, prophetic words.
"...and a bunch of bright lights..."
False/fleshly pulpit exposed.

"First hostage did not give any demands at all. All she did was tell a few jokes and humorous stories designed to provoke sympathy and good will for the terrorists."
Some preachers are controlled by the devil and use the pulpit to tell jokes and stories and do not preach the word of God at all! This is apostasy.

"Someone took a picture with a huge flashbulb ..."
The world takes notice of the true preacher/prophetic.
"...while someone else shined a bright spotlight into my eyes."
Eyes are symbolic of seeing into the spirit/discernment...that comes under public scrutiny or into the spotlight [in the news?].

"That temporarily blinded me, and I could no longer see the terrorist holding the gun on me, but I 'knew' he was still there."
We walk and see by faith, not by sight.

"I also knew he would kill me if I did not get his demands right. And I was still confused on what his demands were."
The devil releases a spirit of confusion which he wants to use against God's prophetic.

"I am afraid of getting their demands wrong and getting killed for that..."
The devil intimidates some prophetic people who never step out to speak because they think they will get it wrong; in effect, he stops, hinders, "holds up" the prophetic/fivefold ministry.

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