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Dream Misinterpretation

Lesson 5

By Teresa Seputis

I am sharing my dreams and the various interpretations I received so that your can walk with me on the journey God recently took me on to raise questions about our modern-day practice of dream interpretation. God gave me three dreams that I did not understand, so I turned to some prophetic friends/acquaintances for help interpreting them. The interpretations I got back were different and seemed conflicting, and that drove me to study Scripture on dream interpretation.

Lessons 3 to 7 look at these different interpretations. Lesson 3 shared the three dreams in detail. Lesson 4 gave Prophet A's interpretation. This lesson contains the interpretations for prophets B and C. Lessons 6 and 7 will share Prophet D's interpretation. You will notice that these interpretations all differ significantly from each other and at times they even seem to contradict each other. That is why we are asking the question, "Just how valid is our modern-day prophetic dream interpretation?"

Please refer to lesson 3 for details. Here is a quick summary of the dreams, to perk your memory.

Dream 1:
A dream of terrorists attacking a bank that I was in, killing many and taking others hostage. Then they forced me and one other person at gunpoint to become their spokespeople, to speak their demands to the authorities. However, their demands were cryptic, elusive and hard to understand.

Dream 2:
I was surrounded by God's presence and began to be lifted upwards as if being raptured. At first I was frightened but God assured me that it was Him and then I was excited and could hardly wait to see Him face to face.

Dream 3:
I went to a big conference with three other people, and we had front row seats. One of the people with me somehow got the speaker's shirt and stood on his chair and waved it over his head. Embarrassed, I took the shirt away from him and tried to return it to the speaker. When the meeting started, I noticed a mixture of both flesh and spirit. I was on guard and leery because I did not want to engage in any fleshy manifestations. But as the meeting progressed, I sensed God's Spirit beginning to touch me.

Prophet B uses a combination of some universal meanings for various symbols that she has picked up from different places over the years and listening to God about the specific dream. She readily admits that dream interpretation is not her strong point, but she did her best. Prophet C is not really a prophet, but he is a spiritually sensitive man who used a popular dream interpretation book to look up the symbols in the dream and then used a combination of prayer and common sense to link the symbols together so they gave a coherent meaning to the dream. He mentioned that the interpretation is incomplete because the interpretation book did not contain several of the symbols in the dream.


There is a link between these three dreams, they are related. However, let me discuss each one individually.

Dream 1

I get a sense that the first one is about God training you through some difficult experience. A bank represents something where we store our money. It represents something that is secure and dependable. The terrorists are situations that will unsettle that comfort and security. The shootings are accusations, words that speak death. The lobby is the entrance to the bank. So to me this says that God is starting to train you by thrusting you into situations where difficult people are involved, people who will try to force or manipulate you to be on their side and speak for them. These people to use fear in order to get their way.

The flashbulb is an indication that this will happen in the public arena, but you are set on God. The confused messages are an indicator that these people are under deception. Your "not wanting to be killed" may have something to do with your being concerned about what people may think, as bullets are accusations, wrong judgments about people, and gossip type of things.

Dream 2

My sense that God is reassuring His pleasure for you and also another confirmation that you are one of His chosen. Perhaps He is confirming to you that regardless of how difficult His training may get, He is right beside you in it.

Dream 3

A shirt is a type of covering to me. The square area has a meaning as well, but I don't know what it means. Again the stage is a public forum and you are right in front of that public forum, an indicator that God is going to bring you to the forefront.

The fact that you were told that "God is really going to bless you" rings totally true in my spirit. I believe it is possible that Paul has treated his calling/covering nonchalantly and is waving it around for everybody to see. But there is a spiritual link between you two. The shirt has something to do with a mantle or covering, and a person with this capacity may come into your life prior, or perhaps during the time of training mentioned in dream 1. The difficulty of the training will require much faith, so it would make sense that a person who is a covering would into your life during this time.


This interpretation is not complete because the book does not mention many of the symbols of the dream. Here is what could be gleaned from the symbols that were in the book.

Dream 1

This dream is about the church (the stage is a bank = church or reward reserved in heaven) and about people who have come into the church trying to destroy the church by accusations, gossip and slander. As the woman in black (evil spirit) walked around killing people, she was stopped by a male voice after Teresa prayed and asked Him to spare her life. God in His mercy is sparing Teresa from becoming victim to the accusations, gossip and slander attacking the church.

The enemy wishes to pervert true doctrine (a congregation that is based on works). [Numbers 4X5=20] This perversion of doctrine is based on works/flesh and not the Spirit. It gives the appearance of being good but the fruits are evil. The methods have been tried and proven wrong.

The spotlight is God blinding Teresa to the false stuff but helped her to recognize His truth only. Teresa could not make any sense out of the messages because once a person knows the truth, the false doesn't make any sense.

Teresa was selected because she is given authority over this situation. That is the reason why God shined His light on her. Teresa knew what the truth was and couldn't tell the lies as it was expected of her to do.

Dream 2
The light is the revealed/manifested presence of God. God is revealing His presence in a different way than expected. The timing of the extent of His revealing to Teresa is God's timing. It may seem slow to us, but it is in God's perfect timing.
Dream 3
Teresa was seated in the front row which is an indicator of the presence of a true prophecy that is immediate. She received the prophecy that God is going to really bless her. This is an immediate prophecy and she is going to receive an anointing of faith (woman = spirit) and the promised blessings.

The shirt is covering as to pertaining to the heart. Somebody is bringing up a past issue and throwing it into Teresa's face (waving the shirt) for all to see. This person had a position of authority in Teresa's life but she removed that person from that position. She tried to bring restoration but couldn't. It was something Teresa knew about, she was not in the middle of it. She merely tried to mend/bring healing to it.

Teresa tried to find an empty chair which she could place the shirt on. Chairs represent authority. It may be significant that there were chairs of authority and the covering (shirts), but nobody was there to take them up. While many were acting out in the flesh, Teresa was seeking the presence of God. As she did, God was able to penetrate the environment around her and manifest His presence.

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