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Water More Precious Than Gold

by Kim Lewis

Originally from: Kim Lewis <Vesselewis@aol.com>

Originally dated: 24 Feb. 1999

This is what I got, hope it encourages someone!

I saw water in a deep cave, pure life-giving hidden yet necessary for life. When people are dying of thirst what value has gold? My Words are the words of life and you must understand that they are life-giving and precious. You are the explorers going into the depths to retrieve them and give them to those who need them, understand that, refine and practice this ability. It has nothing to do with your ability only your willingness to be used. You will see, if you obey, those who stand at the door of death turned back to life. You will see the lost brought back, the sick healed, My power released -- if you obey!

Kim Lewis

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