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Humble Yourselves

by Teresa Seputis

Originally from: Teresa Seputis <TeresaS@xc.org>

Originally dated: 25 Feb. 1999

if my people, who are called by name will humble themselves and pray
Then I will hear their prayers and I will bring my glory
...into their situations
...into their households
...into their churches
...into their cities
...into the lives of those I bring them in contact with

Children, you have not because you ask not
and when you do ask, you ask amiss.
The secret of prayer is NOT to make requests
It is to discern my heart and my will on the manner
and then to agree with me that my will be done

Children, put aside your old ways
put aside your preconceived patterns of thinking
Let me work my ways into you
allow me to transform your natures

For I would do a new work.. a fresh work in you.
Do not think that I will do away with my word
rather I will teach you what it really means
I will teach you to walk before me in truth and light.

Children, dont' try to figure out things on your own...
ask me
... I desire to teach you
...I desire to reveal my will to you
...I desire to reveal myself to you

Look to me. Run to me.
Humble yourselves before me
admit when you don't know how and ask me to help you
and I will meet you
...I will teach you
...I will transform you
...I will empower you
and then I will send you forth
In my power and in my glory.
In my strength and in my might
For through me, you can do all things.
So come to me, children, let me empower you
If you humble yourselves before me, I will raise you up.

Humble yourselves, learn of me and pray.
Seek my face and I will show you my way.
and I will empower you to walk in it.

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