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Boot Camp and Victory

by Teresa Seputis

Originally from: Teresa Seputis <TeresaS@xc.org>

Originally dated: 11 Feb. 1999

Feb 11, 1999

My Children
This is the day and the hour
I am mobilizing My body to accomplish My plans and My purposes
The time of waiting is past
The battle is at hand
And I am going to move forth in great power
I am going to unleash My anointing as never before
I am going to show forth My glory in new and tangible ways
I am going to accomplish My plans and My purposes on this earth

Do you want to participate with Me?

There are only two positions in My army
.. Trained soldiers
.. or AWOL
Which do you choose to be?

The days of games are past
The days of sitting on the fence
And deciding if you are committed is past
It is time to choose, My children.
I will not force you, but I hope you will choose well.

This is the season where I am training and preparing My troops.
You wonder why the warfare has been so intense
And yet I say the battle has not even started in earnest yet
The reason is simple..
This IS your training ground
This is your proving ground
Do you think I would send My soldiers into the battle unprepared?
Of course not! I am training each of you
That is why you are seeing so many battles in your own life right now
I am allowing you to learn to war.. each in your own battle
So that when you join My battle you will be fully trained and prepared

For I am preparing My army
I am training My troops
You are not walking in defeat .. you are walking in a classroom
You are not overwhelmed by the enemy on all sides..
you are merely in training.
This is the time to learn to look to Me
To learn to walk in My victory
For I will make you overcomers
And sergeants and generals in My army.

I am preparing
I am mobilizing
The battle will soon be at hand
And My army will be fully prepared.
So do not be frightened
And do not be overwhelmed
For I am with thee
And I shall send you forth
And I shall make you to overcome
All the plans of the enemy
And you shall storm the very gates of Hell
And you shall break them down
And MY kingdom shall advance.

So choose wisely, My children
Choose to come with Me
And allow Me to prepare you.

Choose Me, My children,
Choose to fully commit unto me
Choose to go forward with Me.
Choose to be soldiers in My army.

And don't be frightened as I train you.
For all these things working in your life
Will show forth My glory.
And you will see victory as never before
In each of your situations
As you persevere in Me.

Do not shrink back from this time of training.
Go forth.. go forth in Me.
And we shall march forth together

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