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Prayer-School Mini-Course Series


The Prayer-School Leadership Core


Course 31
Thoughts From Teresa
by Teresa Seputis

Class Materials:

  1. Brief Overview
  2. Week 1 Lesson Leaders Need To Take Care Of Themselves
  3. Week 2 Lesson Our Body, The Temple Of The Holy Spirit
  4. Week 3 Lesson Being Who God Created Us To Be
  5. Week 4 Lesson Spirit Of Offense
  6. Week 5 Lesson Jesus' Last Will And Testament
  7. Week 6 Lesson A Healthy Body Helps Us Have A Healthy Spirit
  8. Week 7 Lesson My Eating And Workout Strategy
  9. addendum to Week 7 Lesson SuperSets
  10. Week 8 Lesson God's Power Instead Of Man's Techniques
  11. Week 9 Lesson The Spirit Of Suffering
  12. Week 10 Lesson Sons, Not Beggars
  13. Week 11 Lesson The Power Of Blessing And Cursing
  14. Week 12 Lesson Overcoming Satan's Accusation Tactics
  15. Week 13 Lesson Pest Control
  16. Week 14 Lesson God Wants To Invade Your Day
  17. Week 15 Lesson What Is Your Prayer Mindset?
  18. Week 16 Lesson Treasure Hunt
  19. Week 17 Lesson The Battle Rages Around Us (Even When We Don't Expect It)
  20. Week 18 Lesson Assumptions in Our Hearing of God's Voice
  21. Week 19 Lesson The Shortcut
  22. Week 20 Lesson God Decided To Write The 'Thoughts' This Week
  23. Week 21 Lesson Precious To God
  24. Week 22 Lesson Clockwise or Counter-Clockwise?
  25. Week 23 Lesson Developing A Prayer Life-Style
  26. Week 24 Lesson To Worship Or Not To Worship?
  27. Week 25 Lesson "I will Heal Your Knee"
  28. Week 26 Lesson Final Thoughts From This Series **New (Jul 11, 2005)**

[This completes this series.]

The Prayer-School Mini-Course Series is a series of short courses (teaching and discussion) on topics relevant to learning to pray and interceed effectively. These courses are offered by the Prayer-School Leadership core.

The current course in the series is entitled: Thoughts From Teresa . This course is taught by Teresa Seputis. It beings Jan 17, 2005. It will last for ?? weeks. A new lesson will be released on Monday of each week.

This site may "appear" to be "under construction." This is because the material will NOT be released to the WWW site until it has been emailed to the prayer-school list. To subscribe to this list, send email to <prayer-school-join@godspeak.cc>

We hope you will be blessed and stretched by this series of mini-courses. You can send us email at <prayer-school-owner@godspeak.cc>

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