Words for November 2000

November 1, "Walk Into Your Destiny", submitted by Jana Alcorn (JAlcorn@aol.com)
November 2, "Bending or Breaking", submitted by Tammie Gelis (TGelis9638@aol.com)
November 3, "",
November 6, "GOD's FIRE", sumbitted by Sharolyn Baldwin (sharolyn1@home.com)
November 7, "Wake up call", submitted by Yolanda Ballard (bethsheeba@juno.com)
November 8, "Taken to the Edge", submitted by Roger Davis (Frontlines@worldnet.att.net)
November 9, "CAUTION: CONTENTS UNDER PRESSURE", submitted by Dennis Drewlo (river_of_life@netzero.net)
November 10, "Vision: The Pilot of My Life", submitted by Sharon Marks (sschmalfuss@snet.net)
November 13, "Let Me Love You My Precious Gems", submitted by Carylann Hartley (Chart4God@aol.com)
November 14, "The River of Life", submitted by Nancy Smith (bntesmith@ohiohills.com)
November 15, "Be Filled", submitted by Fred Kelly (fredkelly@prodigy.net)
November 16, "God's cry", submitted by Tammie Gelis (TGelis9638@aol.com)
November 17, "No, You Have Not Failed Me", submitted by Joyce Derrick (cooljoyce@webtv.net)
November 20, "Stepping Stones in Transition", submitted by Bret Wade (bwade@hiwaay.net)
November 21, "How Long Will You Mourn For Saul...Arise and Anoint David!", submitted by Bob Hazlett (Rhazlett66@aol.com)
November 22, "Who knows whether you have come to the kingdom for such a time as this?", submitted by Roy Saxman (RoySax@aol.com)
November 23, "It is Moving with Power", submitted by Sara DeMeulenaere (design@dodgenet.com)
November 24, "War Before The Face Of God", submitted by Terry Mengle (Gideonsban@aol.com)
November 27, "Seeds for Revival: Repentance and Love", submitted by Tammie Gilis (TGelis9638@aol.com)
November 28, "Bombshells and Heavenly Shelter", submitted by Ching Co (ching@gsilink.com)
November 29, "VESSELS ON THE SHELF", submitted by Dennis Drewlo (river_of_life@netzero.net)
November 30, "IT IS TIME TO SEARCH YOUR HEART", submitted by Yolanda Ballard (bethsheeba@juno.com)