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Words for December 2006

12-01-2006 "Rivers Flow", Submitted by Suzanne Cantrelle [davidlovessusie@yahoo.com]
12-04-2006 "Perfect In Weakness", Submitted by Teresa Seputis [ts@godspeak.net]
12-05-2006 "A New Foundation", Submitted by Lonnie Mackley [Lnbrtm@yahoo.com]
12-06-2006 "Freedom Rains", Submitted by Judy Bauman [rivermistlighthouse1@comcast.net]
12-07-2006 "Birds On The Front Lawn", Submitted by Steven Bliss [godsfire@woh.rr.com]
12-08-2006 "Freedom", Submitted by Don Froess [dfroess@telus.net]
12-12-2006 "Hope", Submitted by Teresa Seputis [ts@godspeak.net]
12-13-2006 "Do You Remember?", Submitted by Don Froess [dfroess@telus.net]
12-14-2006 "Keep Sailing Straigh", Submitted by Lonnie Mackley [lbmkly@yahoo.com]
12-15-2006 "Into The Storm", Submitted by Steven Bliss [godsfire@woh.rr.com]
12-16-2006 "Step Out On The Impasse", Submitted by Robert Lillington [Rlillingtons@aol.com]
12-18-2006 "My Terms", Submitted by Teresa Seputis [ts@godspeak.net]
12-19-2006 "Do you know the time?", Submitted by Fred Kelly [kmiph@yahoo.com]
12-20-2006 "God Is Sweeping", Submitted by Judy Rohde [jmr2frog@gmail.com]
12-22-2006 "I Am the Pearl of Great Price", Submitted by Judy Bauman [rivermistlighthouse1@comcast.net]
12-22-2006 "Take the Final Step", Submitted by Lonnie Mackley [lbmkly@yahoo.com]
12-25-2006 "The Truth About Christmas", Submitted by Teresa Seputis [ts@godspeak.net]
12-26-2006 "The Wedding Dowry", Submitted by Jim Paul [jimpaul@cogeco.ca]
11-27-2006 "Tell it on the Mountain", Submitted by Lois Smith [loisfsmith@yahoo.com]
11-28-2006 "The Season Of Gift Giving", Submitted by Steven Bliss [godsfire@woh.rr.com]
12-29-2006 "What's Coming for 2007", Submitted by Jim Paul [jimpaul@cogeco.ca]