Have Teresa Seputis Minister
At Your Church, Confernece,
Retreat or Seminar

Many people have inquired how they can invite Teresa Seputis of GodSpeak International to speak at their church, their retreat, or how to host a conference or seminar with her. There are actually two different procedures, depending on whether or not your church is in a third-world mission field such as India, Africa, or Eastern Europe. This page attempts to explain both procedures, as well as to share in some detail about Teresa's most popular teaching topics. (Of course, Teresa is able to speak on many different topics in addition to the ones discussed here.)

[If you are a church or ministry in a third-world nation, Click here for more information.]

If you are a Church or Ministry organizations in the USA or in a first-world nation (Canada, Europe, Hong Kong, Singapore, etc) then read on. This page contains the details and financial/logistical information that you want to know.

Overview Of The Most Popular Seminars/Conferences

Teresa is capable of speaking/ministering on a wide variety of topics. She does personal prophetic ministry and prays for the sick. She also has a series of seminars/conferneces that have been popular. They include:

For conference-related logistical details (including finances), click here.

(In addition, if Teresa is already coming to an area, it is possible to invite her as a guest speaker in your church for a single service. For more details, click here.)


Most retreats are simply a confernce for church members that is being held at a special location so people can "get away" from their everyday life and come together as a group to build fellowship/unity as well as to grow spiritually. If you are hosting that type of retreat, then from GodSpeak's prespetive, this is simply another confernece/seminar that is beling held at a special off-site location instead of in your own sanctuary. Teresa is availalbe to speak on any of her confernce subjects at your retreat.

However, some groups do intend for seminars to have only a little teaching and to be ministry intensive. Teresa is able to minister prophetically in a ministry-intensive retreat as well as to pray for people for healing, impartaion and/or deliverance.

The financial/logisitcal details for a retreat are identical to the ones for a conference.

Guest Speaker for A Single Service/Event

If you are looking for a guest speaker for your regular church service, or for a special event (church anniversary, ordination service, special celebration, etc), Teresa is avaiable to speak at single services.

There are three different ways to have Teresa come speak/minister at your service/event:

  1. If you are in reasonable driving distance of the San Francisco Bay Area, then Teresa can drive to your service. She would expect to be reembursed for the gas of the trip as well as to have some type of love offering or honorium.

  2. If your church is in a geographic area where Teresa will be ministering, you can invite her to speak at one of your services. She would expect either a love offering or an honorium. If possible, it is best to arrange this directly with the sponsoring chruch. If you do not know how to contact the sponsoring church, contact Teresa directly at <ts@godspeak.org>.

    If GodSpeak is not advertizing an event in your area, you can email her to let Teresa know you would like to have her come speak in your church the next time that Teresa is in your area. She can save that information and she will contact you if she comes to your area.

  3. Finally, you may be having a special event in your church where you want to fly Teresa in speak or minister for that specific service. If so, Teresa would expect to have airfare and local expenses paid as well as to be given either a love offering or honorium.

Logistics and Financial Information

Teresa does not require a pre-set fee to come and minister at your church, conference, retreat, etc. She prefers to minister on a expenses plus love offering, because she finds that people are typically very generous with offerings when the anointing is flowing strongly.

Teresa would expect you to cover the cost of her transportation to your area, departing from Oakland, San Franciso or San Jose airport. She would also expect you to cover any in-area expenses, such as local transportation, housing, meals.

Please note that Teresa does not require being put up in a hotel. In fact, she enjoys staying as a houseguest of a local believer prividing that believer does not have any indoor cats, and that she has her own private room with a door that closes, so that she can pray, study, etc any time she needs to.

If you are the type of ministry/organization that prefers to work on a set fee instead of basic expenses plus a love offering, Teresa is open to that as well. Please contact her with the details you are proposing.