Prophetic-School Mini-Course Series


The Prophetic-School Leadership Core


Class Materials:

  1. Course Introduction
  2. Week 1 Lesson Introduction
  3. Week 2 Lesson God Speaks In A Visual Manner
  4. Week 3 Lesson Visions For Personal Communication
  5. Week 4 Lesson Commissions From God
  6. Week 5 Lesson Personal or Ministry Direction
  7. Week 6 Lesson Correction and Reproof
  8. Week 7 Lesson Instruction
  9. Week 8 Lesson Inner Healing
  10. Week 9 Lesson Visions To Share
  11. Week 10 Lesson False Visions
  12. Week 11 Lesson Symbolic Versus Literal Visions
  13. Week 12 Lesson Miscellaneous Information About Visions
  14. Week 13 Lesson Dreams
  15. Week 14 Lesson More On Dreams
  16. Week 15 Lesson Godly Imagination
  17. Week 16 Lesson Wrap Up **New (Aug 9, 2004)**

[This series is now complete]

The Prophetic-School Mini-Course Series is a series of sort courses (teaching and discussion) on topics relevant to learning to move in the prophetic. These courses are offered by the Prophetic-School leadership core.

This series is entitled

Dreams, Visions And Experiencing God
This course is taught by Teresa Seputis. It beings Monday, April 26, 2004 and will last for 16 weeks. A new teaching will be released on Monday of each week.

We hope you will be blessed and stretched by this series of mini-courses. You can send us email at

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