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Prophetic-School Charter and List Information

What was prophetic-school? It was an electronic community or kinship of people who believe the Lord has given them some degree of prophetic gifting. It provideds a safe (non-threatening) place to learn to walk out and grow in that prophetic anointing. It provided a place to build each other up and to encourage each other in our prophetic gifting. It also provided a place to ask questions and to share experiences and even to share words of knowledge, prophecies, prophetic-school, visions, etc. with the group. It was also a place where you can ask others for help interpreting a dream or vision, etc.

It was NOT a place for theologians to discuss/debate the meaning of biblical prophecy. It was not a place for self promotion or building up of one's own ego. It was not a place where every prophecy that comes out has already been tested and is deemed 100% accurate. It was not a place where you can test your prophetic material and then tell your pastor/leader that they must allow the prophecy in their church because it is tested... this group must NOT be used to usurp your local pastor's authority. It was not a place to define theology or new doctrines. The Bible is assumed authoritative as the word of God and any prophecy that does not line up with the Bible is assumed to be in error, period.

There was a leadership-core of Christians who are fairly mature in their prophetic gifting. They gave input, guidance and support to the group and helped us to learn to grow effectively in our prophetic gifting. They also helped steer us away from off-topic tangents.

The leadership core included:


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  1. It must be biblical. Any prophecy that contradicts the Bible is assumed to be in error... period. The Bible remains our absolute authority.
  2. No discussion will be permitted in this conference that questions the basics of the Christian faith... they are assumed fundamental and agreed on by all participants. These fundamentals include: God exists as an intelligent and self-aware Being (as opposed to an impersonal force). God created mankind to be in fellowship with Him, but man sinned and this separated us from that fellowship with Him. Jesus Christ is God incarnate, Who became human lived among us and taught us and then died for our sins (because the penalty of sin is death and someone had to pay it). Jesus Christ then rose from the dead, forever conquering sin and death. He ascended into heaven and will return again to the earth to reign forever. In the mean time, Jesus Christ sent the Holy Spirit to indwell believers and to transform us into the image of Christ. The same indwelling Holy Spirit also imparts spiritual gifts into those who have accepted Jesus as their Lord. One of these gifts is the gift of prophecy -- or God speaking through man -- which is still active in the Church today.
  3. Participants must be polite and respectful and loving at all times. It is OK to disagree with someone and to express that disagreement, but it must be done in love and in a polite and civilized manner. No flaming or personal attacks are allowed. In fact, no attacks on any Christian leader or organization or denomination or move-of-God are allowed, period.
  4. If you can't find a way to say it in love and in a gentle manner, then perhaps it should not be said. Openly hostile posts will not be permitted.
  5. Posts must be on topic. There is a wide range of on-topic for learning to move in the prophetic. You may ask how-to questions, you may as theological questions that pertain to the prophetic, you may share experiences. This is NOT a channel to discuss or debate or theologize biblical prophecy (for instance try to interpret the end time prophecies of Revelation or Daniel). It is a how-to, learning and practise group for those who have begun to move in the prophetic gifting.
  6. This list builds community and is a place to support and encourage each other and to build each other up on our gifting. However, this list is not a support group for emotional or mental problems, and is not a place to dump problems that are unrelated to the prophetic gifting.
  7. Prophetic words submitted to this list are to follow the 1 Cor 14 guidelines. They are to be uplifting, encouraging, edifying, comforting, etc.
  8. Since this is a list where beginners learn to prophesy and judge prophecy, we do not allow words of condmentation, judgement, harsh words or words predicting an upcoming disaster. (This is not to say that God never gives this type of words. However, they are not permitted on this list.)
  9. Realise that from time to time, someone will make a mistake or give a word that is in error (or not really from the Lord). Remember that this is a learning forum and that making mistakes is part of the natural learning process. Therefore, we give each other -- and ourselves -- the grace to make mistakes and to learn from them. We will not disqualify someone else (or ourselves) if they make an occasional mistake, providing they act in love and that they behave in accordance with the prophetic-school charter. However, we encourage the list-members to have a teachable spirit and to receive feedback and maybe even gentle correction with humility. Remember that the character of a prophet is every bit as important as the gifting of a prophet.
  10. If someone posts something that you disagree with or find unbiblical, do not post a hasty rebuttal in anger. Instead spend some time to pray about it and ask the Lord to show you an appropriate and loving way to phrase your reply.


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