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God Speaks To Us Through The Prophetic

Lesson 6
Gaining The Victory

Compiled By Teresa Seputis

God desires for us to walk in His victory. But, implicit in the word is the concept of fighting or struggling against a foe. Victory comes when we defeat our opponent. You can't have the victory without the conflict, without the war. Here is some of what God has to say on this subject

Will You Enter The Battle?

Child, I have given you the victory, but you must fight to possess that victory. Do not be like the first generation of the children of Israel who I brought out the bondage of Egypt. I brought them to the boarder of the promised list, I showed them the good fruit of the land, the fulfillment of My promises to them. But they would not possess the land because that required that they enter a battle and fight for it. They became afraid, so they would not enter in. Instead of possessing and enjoying My promises, they spend the remainder of their years wandering aimlessly in the dessert. This happened because they were unwilling to fight for what I desired to give into their hands.

Child of Mine, I have likewise brought you to the boarder of your promised land. You have seen the good fruit, but you have also seen the giants that stand between you and your goal. Why are you surprised that you must do battle for it? Did you expect to simply hand it to you without getting you involved in the process? Did you think it was going to be easy?

What is your response? What will it be? Will you rise up in faith to take this land that I desire to give to you? Will you battle, led by My Spirit and covered in My anointing, to possess your promises? Or are you going to give up and sit down in defeat and allow the enemy of your souls to trample on you and discourage you and steal and kill and destroy in your midst?

Rise up, children of Mine, and fight for what I have given to you. It is already yours, I have set it aside for you. But you will not possess it if you do not go fight for it. So, rise up. Allow Me to gird you with My power and authority. Allow Me to give you My battle strategies. Allow Me to lead you and to cause you to be victorious. You cannot win the war if you are unwilling to march into the battle. But if you will fight under My leading and with My authority and power, your victory is assured.

I Am Teaching You To War

Child of Mine, shake off the things that hinder you and hold you back. For I say to you that My plans and purposes for you are for you to overcome and walk in My victory. Know that My victory is not always the easiest path, for I am training you to war, that you may become an overcomer.

I am training you to walk in faith and I am training you to trust in Me. This means I have to put you into trust-producing situations, where you cannot resolve the situation from your own resources. Watch how I will come through for you. Do not worry and do not fret. Simply know that I am faithful and I am able.

I am your deliverer, and just as I delivered the people of Israel from the bondage of Egypt, so will I bring you into a place of victory in your own situation. Yes, My deliverance may be slower at times than you like, but it is dependable and it will surely come. Yes, you may be asked to "gather straw to make your own bricks" as I work My deliverance in your situation. In other words, things may appear to get worse before they get better. Do NOT fret when this occurs. Know that I am with you and I will lift you up and I will bring you to that land flowing with milk and honey. I will cause you to possess the land and I will deliver victory into your hands, for I am able and I am ever with you and I am mighty on your behalf.

Yes, I am teaching you to war and yes, I am teaching you to overcome. My plans for you are good. My victory is sweet and My promises are true. Do not grow faint, do not loose heart. Do not look to your circumstances, but look to Me, your rock and your deliverer. I am with you and none of the plans of the enemy against you shall prevail. Keep your eyes fixed on Me. Be attentive to My voice and My leading. Be quick to obey what I command. I will empower you and I will make you an overcomer as you watch Me and do what I am doing in My timing and at My direction.

Shout with joy, child of Mine, for your victory is at hand. I will teach you to war effectively and I will lead you into the victory. I will restore your strength and your fervor so that you are able to take the land I have given you. I have called you to victory, I have destined you as an overcomer, and I will deliver your enemy into your hand. You will enjoy the spoils of victory and all that you have lost shall be restored to you many times. This is My plan and My purpose for you.

So gird up your lions, restore your strength and hope in Me. For I will bring it to pass and I will fight with you on your behalf and I will thrust you into the place of victory. This is My destiny for you. I have ordained you to be an overcomer through My power and My anointing. Rise up child of Mine, and learn to war. For as you fight at My direction, I shall give you the victory.

Called For A Purpose

Child of Mine, you are called for a purpose and I have a destiny on your life. Know that I am actively in the business of advancing My kingdom on this earth, and I have enlisted you to work with Me in doing this. I am involved in fighting a war against the forces of darkness that My kingdom might advance, and I have drafted you into My army.

Do you think it is a small thing that I sent My Son to die for the sins of mankind? Do you think it was trivial that I permitted Him to suffer atrocities and to bear great pain and suffering for your sakes? Do you think it was a small thing for Me to allow Him Who knew no sin to become sin for you, to bear your sins and your infirmity?

I have permitted this because I intently desire for mankind to be reconciled to their God, that many will come to know Me and enter into a personal relationship with Me. My heart longs for humanity, that My creation might bow down and worship Me, that those created in My image might know fellowship with Me and walk beside Me and hear My voice clearly. I am hungry for souls.. I want all to come to know Me. I have a great passion for the lost, and I have enlisted you to help Me reach them with the Good News of what I have already done for them, the Good News of how I love them and the Good News of how they can live in friendship and fellowship with their God. I want them to know the good news of how they can experience My power and My victory so that they can be over-comers. I want them to know that Good News that My plans and purposes for them are good, and that I desire for their joy to be full through their relationship with their loving creator.

But how will they come to Me if you do not fulfill your commission as My witness? How will they know if you don't share My reality with them? Do you think that the great commission was optional? Did you think that Jesus was not calling you as His witnesses? Did you think that My Son was lying when He said that you are to do the same works He did (John 14:12-14)?

Child of Mine, I have commissioned you for a purpose. I have made you a soldier in My army and I have made you a witness of My love. I do not send you out empty handed. I send you out with My anointing, with My power, with My peace, with My victory and with My love. It is My desire that you be living demonstrations of My ability to transform and to overcome. It is My desire to manifest My power and My compassion through you, that the sick might be healed, that the captives might be set free, that they might know who I am and come to Me.

Do not run from your commission. Do not turn back to your own captivity. Do not look to your limitations, but look to Me. Do not turn back, do not run away when the enemy comes to resist you. If you work with Me to advance My kingdom, you tear down the enemy's kingdom and he will surely resist you. But fear not, for I am greater than all of the limited power of the enemy. And if you persist, I will give you My victory. I will make you over-comers, I will cause you to possess the land. I will be with you in battle and I will give you the victory... but you must fight in order to win it!

Do not look to fulfill My commission through your own resources. Rather look to Me to anoint you and to empower you and to lead you and to send you out, fully equipped with all that you need. Look to Me as your commander and chief, and know that I will give you My strategies to advance My kingdom, to win the war against the enemy of your souls and to cause My glory to be manifest in you and through you.

You have been called for a purpose. Do not shrink back to mediocrity, rather let Me manifest Myself through you. Let Me lead you and let Me empower you and let Me send you forth as My effective witnesses.

Know and understand that I desire to win the lost to Myself, I desire to bring sight to those blinded by the enemy and freedom to those who the enemy has bound. I have commissioned you as My witness, that I might accomplish My desires for the lost through you. Do not loose sight of this. One prize that I set before you, My church, is the souls of those who I wish to bring in to My kingdom. Do not forget that I have appointed you as My witnesses. Be silent no longer. Be bound and limited by your own petty strivings no longer; allow Me to manifest My power and My glory through you, that My kingdom might advance and that many might come to know Me.

Heal the sick, cast out demons, set the captives free. I have given you the authority, but you will not see it manifest in your lives until you begin to fulfill your commission, until you begin to act as My witnesses and to cause My kingdom to advance. As you proclaim My Good News, you will see My power released, for I will back up My word with demonstrations of My power and manifestations of My love and of My reality. You can do all the works that My Son, Jesus, did when when He walked on this earth if you will watch what I am doing and do it with Me. Do not hold back because of your own problems and situations. Advance My kingdom and be My witnesses, and I will empower you and I will anoint you and I will cause you to manifest My love and My glory and My power to the lost.

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