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Words for November 2007

11-01-07 "Low Expectation", Submitted by Laura Barnwell []
11-02-07 "Overcoming Disappointment", Submitted by Laura Strack []
11-05-07 "Lean On Me", Submitted by Teresa Seputis []
11-06-07 "Run With All Your Strength!", Submitted by Lois Smith []
11-07-07 "I Am Well Able", Submitted by Ethel Semeler []
11-08-07 "I Am A God Of Hope", Submitted by Nicole St.Clair []
11-09-07 "Put Your Hope And Trust In Me", Submitted by Ron Armstrong []

Due to an administrative mix-up that occurred while Teresa was in India on a mission trip, the words scheduled for Sep 15 to Nov 2 were not sent to the prophetic-word email list.

Because of that, we are going to send the words originally scheduled for Sept 15 to Nov 9 to the list on November 12 to 30. This means that this web page will not be updated with new words during those dates, but we will again begin releasing new prophetic words on this site starting on December 3, 2007.

We are including links to those words here for your conveninece, but they are repeats of what was posted in September.

11-12-07 "Transformed Into My Image", Submitted by Teresa Seputis []
11-13-07 "Why This Time?", Submitted by Audra Stauss []
11-14-07 "I See You", Submitted by Steve Bliss []
11-15-07 "Restortion For The Backslider", Submitted by Karen Lundquist []
11-16-07 "Fear Not, Neither Be Dismayed", Submitted by Sharlene Smith []
11-19-07 "Do You Really Believe?", Submitted by Teresa Seputis []
11-20-07 "Fresh Fire", Submitted by James Donovan []
11-21-07 "I Have Not Forgotten You", Submitted by Stan Endler []
11-22-07 "The Wind Of My Spirit", Submitted by Karen Lundquist []
11-23-07 "Walking Into Your Season", Submitted by Judy Bauman []
11-26-07 "Put Your Hope In Me", Submitted by Teresa Seputis []
11-27-07 "Keep Going", Submitted by Froess []
11-28-07 "The Gift Of Hope", Submitted by Donna Treolo []
11-29-07 "Low Expectation", Submitted by Laura Barnwell []
11-30-07 "Overcoming Disappointment", Submitted by Laura Strack []