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Date: Oct 29, 2007

This word is submitted by Teresa Seputis [ts@godspeak.net]


                  Put Your Hope In Me 

Dear Child, put your hope and your trust in Me, and you will not be 
disappointed. You are not always aware of My presence, but I am always 
with you, and I am constantly working for your good on your behalf. 
I know that your circumstances can seem overwhelming at times; I know 
that you face things designed to make you afraid. But you do not face 
them alone--I am with you. 

Your circumstances do not need to have power over you, to steal your 
joy. I have promised you My peace and joy no matter what is going on 
in your life. I am more than willing to give that to you right now. 
Yes, dear one, I have a "peace that passes all understanding," and it 
is for you. All you have to do to tap into that is to simply understand 
Who I am and what I am willing to do for you. As you get to understand 
what I am really like, you will know with a certainty that I will 
indeed take good care of you, because you are My own precious child. 
I am a loving father, and I take care of My own. 

Child, I am your provider and I am your protector. When things don't 
go the way you think they should, remember that I am in charge and 
that I am at work behind the scenes on your behalf. Trust that I am 
Who I say I am, and that I am in control no matter how much "out of 
control" things around you may look. 

Precious one, trust in Me and the worry and fear and heaviness will 
leave you. I will saturate you with My joy and My peace. I will also 
work for good in all things concerning you, bringing My presence and 
My victory into your life. 

I am faithful and I will be faithful on your behalf, whether or not you 
worry and fret. But My desire for you is that you don't fear and you 
don't walk in anxiety. I want you to walk in My supernatural peace and 
in the fullness of My joy, knowing that I am going to be faithful to 
bring My glory into your situation. Trust Me, dear child, and you will 
not be disappointed.