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This word is submitted by Dennis Drewlo (revival-fire@prodigy.net)
My Fire Will Change The Landscape
The Fire of God will change the landscape. Things will not look as they did in the past. I will burn the field to bring new growth. New fruit will come as a result of the fire.
Your intercession and supplication will fuel the fire. They will be a spark that brings revival. They will fuel the furnace. The furnaces of worship and intercession will bring revival.
My fire will come with a price. I will burn down all that is not of me. Impurities will be removed. I will separate the wheat from the chaff, the impurities from the pure gold.
I will burn the idols and those things that stand between you and the altar. Those things that keep My people from coming before me will be lost in the fire.
Come to me to be burned. Be soaked in the Water of My Spirit, for wet wood burns easier than dry. You, who are trees of righteousness - the planting of the Lord.
The coming fire will change cities. Cities will see revival as never before. The fire will ride upon the waters of the River. Ever-increasing oil will flow though the cities. You will not recognize the cities that are touched by My Fire, for they will be burned beyond recognition.
I will burn down the old, dead structures to make room for what I am about to build. New fruit and a great Harvest is coming.
You who gather in intercession will contain and spread the Fire, for I am raising up a generation of "holy arsonists" who will set whole cities and nations ablaze with the power of the Gospel.
The coming fire will refine the anointing that I have placed within you so that what is given out will be pure.
New fire will come to your worship. The worship that is to come will change the climate of cities, for it will be fueled by the fire that is to come. The flames will burn open the veil and bring My people into the Holy of Holies, and worship will rise to a higher level.
I will burn down the structures of the enemy. New age and man's religious structures will be destroyed. Anything that does not bear my image will be destroyed, and you will see My reflection in the fire .
I will burn down walls that divide My people. The coming fire will bring unity to My Church, that will end class warfare in the Body and I will finally have the spotless, fire-breathing Bride I have dreamed of.
Change is coming! Get ready! I will breathe on you, My Church. But this time I will breathe My Fire upon you. My fire will go forth - straight for the things that keep you from fulfilling your prophetic destiny.
The fire that is coming, no man will be able to quench. It will be an irresistible fire. It will change the way you think. It will change your value. It will prove what is important to you. It will show you what you are made of.
I have called you to be vessels of fire, to bring forth My Word. I will change the land. I will do it through you. Call down fire from heaven to go forth before you.
The fire is coming, My Church. Change is coming through the fire.