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This Word is submitted by Larry Sloma (Larrysloma@aol.com)
My Fire will never go out!
Deut 6: 12-13
My Fire will never go out! Do you see it as strange that in these last days I pour out My spirit on all flesh. That I raise up a remnant mightier than the days of old. That My Word is powerful, more powerful than any two-edged sword. That in My Word and in My grace wrapped in My mercy you find who I Am. Behold, I do as I please and I do as I promised. I will have a people and a Holy People unto Myself, says the Lord. I will do it, for you cannot do anything on your own. Not by your flesh and your works will it happen. By My power and by My Spirit I will raise it up. Watch and pray as I raise up My mighty arm. Pray and move with Me as I release the captives. Watch and pray for the way, the truth, and the life while the strange fire and the deception of the enemy sneaks into the camp with darkness and death. I am the God of restoration and I do not rest. Allow My Holy Spirit to complete My work within you. You do not need to run after every wind and doctrine. You will find your burning bush where you are. Watch and pray, I will come to you. Seek Me while I may be found. Sit at the feet of My Son and rest, while the battle is the Lord's. All of what I desire for you will brought by My Holy Spirit. Watch and pray. I raise up a mighty army and a praying people Holy unto Myself. I will do it!