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This word is submitted by Thomas Bramhall (tommyb@arttech1.com)
Revisit your Foundations
It seems I am in a season of learning more strongly things I thought I knew in Him. I initially found it a bit embarrassing, to be truthful. I discovered much of what I thought I knew I really did not begin to understand from His point of view. I prayed regarding this and I share it as I believe perhaps God may be doing a similar thing with others.

The strength of your foundations is such that yes, it might carry you to beyond what you can imagine in Me. I tell you though your imagination is too small. Where I plan take you, the blessings I plan for you, and the authority I plan for you will crush your current foundations and understandings of Me. I plan both great shaking and harvest; I would like to see you stand along with the harvest I will give you. For you and your harvest to come, revisit your foundations. Humble yourself for a greater anointing and calling or you can remain in what will still seem glorious to you but mediocrity to Me.

Tom Bramhall
Madison, AL