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This word is submitted by Catherine Albarella (Psalmist4Yhwh@cs.com)
That stirring in your spirit of things you had believed dead, is the awakening of the Glory I have been preparing you for. It is the Glory of My presence within and around you. But it is only a stirring, a taste of what is soon to come.
You cry out "Lord, let Your Glory fall!", but are you ready for the cost? Are you ready to stand alone without the one you thought you could not live without? Are you ready to stand without that thing you thought you could not do without? Are you ready to stand, criticized, chastised by the ones you love most, because what I am doing within you is different from their own personal experience?
I am beginning to heal, deliver, and renew in a way you have not seen before. For I am "restoring"... not to a place you have formerly known, but to the place that I had always purposed for you.
Now is the time to worship Me. In the midst of discouragement, sing love songs to Me, and bask in the Glory of My presence. You will soon see My purposes for your life accomplished.

 To me you are priceless And precious in My sight;
   I want you to know How you fill Me with delight.
 Let Me embrace you, Let Me take you by your hand;
   Let My Glory lead you through What you cannot understand.

 Come, my love, and give Me All your mind and heart,
   And watch My Glory bring you What only I can impart.
 You will soon receive   Your deepest heart's desire
   When My Glory fills you With My passion and My fire.

submitted by Catherine Albarella