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This word is submitted by Harriette Osborn (hiskidz2@juno.com)
"Are you a land-dweller or a River-dweller?
The land-dweller comes to the River for refreshment.. He takes off his shoes and sits on the bank of the River, dangling his feet in the water. He then dries his feet, puts on his shoes and goes back to live and minister on dry ground.
Occasionally he also removes his outer garments and jumps into the River for a quick swim, and once again he dries himself and gets dressed and goes on his way. His life and ministry stay pretty much the same and the River flows on by.
In contrast, the River-dweller is constantly soaking wet. And when he climbs out of the River to minister, he leaves a trail of water leading to the River. When he stops to minister to someone, a puddle forms at his feet, leaving a testimony to where he's been. He then returns to the River and the land flows by as he is carried along by the current.
He goes where the River takes him and his ministry is ever changing and he, himself, lives in a state of constant refreshing and is able to minister our of this refreshing.
Are you finding that ministry drains you? Do you feel parched and dry? Come, jump into the River and allow it to determine your course of ministry and be to you your source of constant refreshment."
Ezekiel 47:9 ...where the River flows everything will live.
Respectfully submitted,
Harriette Osborn