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This word is submitted by Tammie Gelis (needgrace2@hotmail.com)
Child of Grace
It is time to take off your sackcloth and begin to live. Do not continue to mourn all that you felt should have been our could have been. Do not keep pondering and listening to the enemies lies to who you are not or could never be. Do not believe his lies that you cannot bear child. Do not believe his lies that you cannot go through with this.
For I have placed this child of promise within you. I will give to you the strength you need to see it come forth. Cherish that what I have placed within you, do not despise it because of the pain that labor brings. Do not quit now and abort that which I have planted within you and that which I desire to bring forth. It is ok to scream with the pain, it wont deafen me. Know I hear every cry, every shout and I will bring to you comfort if you just ask for it, if you will just rest in me. But bring forth the child of promise that is leaping for joy in your womb. Bring forth life and live again.