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This word is submitted by Staci Ojeda (anastacia06@aol.com)
God-Consciousness vs. self-consciousness
The thing I most want to change in you is self. I want to answer your prayer that I be all that you are, need and desire. I want you to be God-conscious and not self-conscious. I truly desire to pour Myself into every fiber of your being, to be able to use you to the fullest. But we must first be rid of self.
I have heard your cries and the longing of your heart to draw closer, for the bridal passion and love to consume you. You desire a deeper intimacy with Me and I long for this as well. Continue to seek Me - practice My presence every waking moment and I will consume you in My passion, My love and My desire. Don't get discouraged, continue to meditate on Me and I will speak to you in the deep places, you will have to be very quiet and very still to hear My still small voice in this place.
I have much I want to share with you - wait on Me in that hidden place and I will give you rest and more love than you can contain, it will spill out to those around you. My presence in you will cause them to hunger for more of Me. I will be able to draw others to Me just because of My presence in you.
I want to be all that you are - I want you to live, move, breathe and have your being IN ME. I will accomplish this over time, wait patiently on Me. Do not busy yourself with too much work, lay aside those things that I speak to you about and come away with Me. There will be time later for those other things.
Consume me Lord... Staci