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This word is submitted by Susanne Marshman (iowagirl1974@hotmail.com)


A Word For those Who Struggle With Doubt

Why do you doubt the promises I AM has laid in your heart? It was I AM that placed them there, not you my child. It is I AM that has watered them and protected them as they grew. And it is I AM that will see that they bear good fruit.

So now, why do you doubt? Why do you listen to the lies of the enemy? Do you think I AM is not able? Ahh...you think that you are not able. And you are right! Give up....please my child, give up the striving and the staining and come to me! I AM can do all things. But only if you will allow me to have my way in you. It is my desire for you lean upon me and ask me to go forward on your behalf. Oh how I long for us to truly know each other...as a husband knows his wife. Working in true unity of purpose in heart and mind. Working together to establish my kingdom. Yes child, I know that you long for that too. But you have forgotten one simple thing...to rest in me. To rest in I AM is the work of faith, love and trust in your heart. Without rest, you will not be able to endure the coming days. And without resting in me completely, you make yourself vulnerable to the attacks of the enemy. When you are resting in me, I AM is your protector. But when you work in your own strength, my hands are tied and I can not protect you. So come and lie down on the green pastures I have set before. Rest in me and know that victory will be ours.

Do not misunderstand me, to rest is not to be lazy! There is much work yet to be done. It is time to move forward, not in your own strength, but in my name. It is you that needs to ask. But it is I AM that will give the increase. It is you that needs to seek. But it is I AM that will lead you in the way. It is you that needs to knock. But it is I AM that will open up the Heavens for you.

Do not wait until you feel like pressing in. Do not wait until the time seems right. Now is the time to move forward in faith. Stir up your hearts! Stir up the remembrance of my promises. My word is unchanging. I AM my word! I AM is faithful to complete that which I have begun. Do not allow your hearts to be hardened with unbelief! Do not stop the what has taken me so long to prepare. Soon my child. Soon you will see all these things come to pass. But you must believe!

Do not be deceived by the lies of the enemy. He has thrown seeds of doubt and confusion into the your hearts. But I say to you, it is not the word of I AM. You ask, How can I be sure? I tell you, LISTEN. Not just with your ears, but with your hearts. Oh how I long for you to hear what it is that I whisper in the silent peace of your hearts. The world is so loud. Do not allow that noise to have a place in your heart. It only breeds confusion and strife. It takes work for you to find and keep the peace of mind that leads to a silent heart. I AM speaks only from silence. When you have found that peaceful bliss of my silent presence, REJOICE! For I AM IS NEAR to you! That is the to open your hearts and receive the word of the Lord.

Blessings of peace and rest,