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This word is submitted by Fred Kelly (fredkelly@prodigy.net)


Come Into My Presence

When you come into My presence, says the Lord; when you draw near unto Me and seek My face; when you look to Me, I shall open up the eyes of your heart that you may see Me declares God.

For I've said in My Word that I shall never leave you nor for sake you. For I go with you where ever your at, says the Lord When you look to Me and seek My face declare within your own being that I am your God, that I am the true and living one, then as you seek Me and come into My presence I shall touch you in a greater and more in depth way.

For I declare that I will have a people that seek Me and carry forth that which I have placed with in them. For I did not call a people to stand or to sit and not declare that I am Lord. For I would have a people that would worship Me and declare that I am the true and living God, and as you do that says the Lord, then I shall use you and I shall bring you forth from that which you find yourself in at this very moment, to a greater and higher height. And I shall bring within you a deeper understanding of what I am saying unto you and placing in your heart. For in that deeper understanding and that higher height that you find your self in , this will show My glory unto those that are lost though out the earth.

For I have called a people that will be witness unto Me and know who I am, to tell others who I am. For that which I have said unto you this day through all of the words that have come forth, and the music you have been singing, and honoring Me, is that which I have placed within you for this day. And that is the anointing that I am pouring out upon you. The anointing is a fresh anointing when you seek Me each and every day. For the fresh anointing keeps the light burning very brightly, says the Lord. And that light is the light of My Son shining through you.

Yes, I would have you lift up Jesus, and I would declare that you would declare His name though out all the earth, says the Lord. For in that you do that, then I shall bless you.

Oh there shall be times when you find yourself walking in some treacherous areas. But the treacherous areas shall not overcome you, because the light shall overcome the darkness and darkness shall be dispelled because of you drawing closer unto Me and looking into My face and declaring, open my heart that I may see you. When you declare that, I shall open them up and I shall show My self unto you and you shall declare who I Am to those that are near and to those that are far and you shall declare to those that are close to you, even unto your own family, says the Lord. So hear Me this day says God, be strong, be victorious, because I Am with you where ever you go. I Am with you, says the Lord.