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This word is submitted by Candi Gurney (heartofire41@hotmail.com)



My joy SHALL be your strength!

Do you KNOW My joy? Really know what My joy is? My joy is not happiness, although it can produce happiness. My joy is the rock of your salvation. Of KNOWING your salvation in My Son.

I have promised that My joy shall be your strength. When what is before you seems an insurmountable obstacle My joy shall well up from within your spirit to sustain you. It is there, for your resource of strength, as I have promised. Stop striving and analyzing what is before you and STOP that My joy may well up from within.

Are you not "saved" of eternal death and separation from Me? Does that not bring you great joy?

Do I not hear your dreams, desires, aspirations? I placed them within you; and My joy shall be your strength in fulfilling them.

Do you know MY JOY? MY JOY, is seeing you, My Children, using, experiencing My joy, which is freely given. Seeing you go from a wrinkled, furrowed brow to a softened, gentled smile of remembrance of Me.

MY JOY is watching My children bask in My glory refilling their joy-cups. My joy brings with it TRUST. Trust and faith. They are partnered with My joy. And I long to pour it forth upon and within you. To saturate you into a puddle of giggles! Let go, and let Me. For then MY JOY shall, too, be ignited!

Many times My fire accompanies My joy, which shall burn within your hearts giving you energy and sustanence in a different way. To keep My vision open and ever before you. There before your very hearts and eyes... My vision.

Other times My peace accompanies My joy giving you a calm assurance of My presence. My peace which de-stresses and shrinks mountains, laying them low. My peace which brings also, confidence. Confidence in Me.

My joy, do you desire it? My joy, do you want it? MY JOY, giving it to you. Now receive, My children. Receive. Just stand and receive My joy; and I shall receive Mine!

Be filled with My joy and be blessed. Be filled with My joy and bless. Be filled with My joy and be encouraged. Be filled with My joy and encourage. Be filled with My joy and be loved. Be filled with My joy and love. Be filled with My joy and be served. Be filled with My joy and serve.

Ah, yes, MY JOY do I have for all My children. More than enough for all.

Here, I give it to you. Here, take it. Here, receive of it and Me.

Revival Joy. Do you hear? Revival Joy. Do you feel it? Revival Joy. Do you desire it? Revival Joy to revive your souls, My children.

Receive.......... now.............

In His service and to His eternal glory!
Candi Gurney