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This word is submitted by Yolanda Ballard (gloryfirerain@earthlink.net)


A Deep Cleaning

I have come to warm your hearts with My love.....yes, the fire of My love for I have come to purify your heart. For I must have a pure people to move through. In order for Me to move in the way I intend to, My people must have a pure heart. So come before Me, and open up to Me those things deep in your heart that you struggle with. Don't you know you don't have to hide anything from Me? Open up all the rooms of your heart, and let's do a deep cleaning! Let Me expose those things....bring them to the light....that you have even tried to hide from yourself. But who are you trying to fool? You know they are still there. Just like sweeping the dirt under the rug.....its time to clean it all out!

This is a new day....even a new hour where I will pour out My power in a fresh new way. I will move through My people in such a way that will bring in the multitudes into My kingdom. Yes, this is the time and the hour where I will pour out My power! I will sweep across My Bride like wild fire burning up all that stands in My way. I need yielded and broken vessels to move through....vessels cleansed by My fire. So come before Me willing for Me to do a deeper work in you....a deep cleansing by My Spirit. Yes, open up all the doors in your heart and even open the windows for I am bringing down any hindrance to My Spirit freely flowing through you. I will air you completely out of all false doctrines...anything you have picked up that wasn't of Me.

I am delivering you and setting you free for it is My time to rule and reign through My beloved children, My Bride. Open up your hearts and let My rain refresh you and cleanse you and rejuvenate you! Open up, My people, and truly be real with Me and others around you. It's time to take off the masks, and it is time to really join together in love, and work together with one purpose and one calling. My will be done! My kingdom come on earth as it is in heaven. Be ready for the end time harvest is at hand! Take your place in the army of the Lord. Stay in rank and worship Me. Let out a victory shout, and watch the walls fall and My river flow, says your God.