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This word is submitted by Jane Larsen (jlarsen65@hotmail.com)


A New Time

There is a clearing out that you have been doing. Clearing. Throwing away.

This is a time of clearing away because it is a time of new things, new areas. It is time to make way for new. It is a time of plenty. It is a time of uncluttering and making way for a new season. A season of plenty. I tell you that the words will not yet be out of my mouth before you see the tide of plenty.

I am making way to send. I am sending much. I am sending good things. I am calling things that are old to a close. It is a time of refreshing. Oh children, greet a new dawn that is rising. A dawn where I declare all things renewed. The weak will be strengthened and lifted up. I am laying a table, a full table, before those who were oppressed. Feast upon the gifts of the Lord. Enemies will flee before the wave of my power.

I am sending light to places in shadow and leading you to secret places that I have prepared for those who hear my call. It is a time of freedom. A great time of renewing. A great time of restoration. A new season is before you. This is a time of uncluttering. A time of renewed strength in me. It is a time to praise. Praise. I say praise, for a new season is declared upon my people. I am sending a fresh anointing upon my children. I have heard your call. I am uplifting. I am uplifting you now.

Have I not declared a day and called it TODAY. Today be prepared for renewal. Be prepared for refreshing. Be prepared for the wave of the Lord.

In His name and to His Glory