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This word is submitted by Lori Thomas (thomase@knology.net)


Deep Cleansing

"I am doing a deep cleansing among My people. NO flesh will glory. ALL pride is being taken down. Be encouraged and stand among the humble. Be encouraged that I am in control. I am moving you into a new realm of worship. Your prayers are ANSWERED. Look for Me. I am here. Power is being manifest in what looks to be weakness to many. Look for Me in the areas that you may not think to look."

Then I looked, and I saw God plucking up and uprooting.

Many are going to leave where they are because of offenses. But the work the Lord is doing in each one, who is willing to let Him, will bear much fruit and bring Him much glory. Some are plucked out because of rebellion; some are being moved - there will be many reasons, don't try to figure them out. Just know that He will restore. Each one has a choice to make. Choose life or choose death. Choose a life of flesh and the world, or choose the Spirit. The ones who fall away will leave no void- don't fear. The remnant will stand in humility because they are firm in His Word and because they have been tried and tested by the fire of God.

The Father says, "Stand in My fire. Humble yourselves. Choose life. The choice you make today is of urgent importance. It will affect the rest of your life- here and for eternity."

Prayerfully submitted by,

Lori Thomas