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This word is submitted by Jana Alcorn (JAlcorn@aol.com)


An Apostolic Attitude

Transitions often require different mind sets. A desire for effectiveness and focus can motivate ministry toward a change in function. A deep longing to go beyond mediocrity is the heart-cry of so many servants of the Lord in this hour.

Frustrated and weary, many ministers are becoming discouraged with their present areas of servanthood. The numbers of "ministry drop-outs" are an astounding indictment against the rut that churches and ministries can find themselves entrenched in.

Leaders, don't quit--CHANGE YOUR ATTITUDE!

We must develop what I can "An Apostolic Attitude". Let's take a brief look at some of the characteristics of this mind set.


Return to your mission, your focus, your destination point.

Qualify your activities based upon your destiny. Refuse to be detoured from your destiny. Think on those things that relate to your destiny. Do those things that relate to your destiny. Study on those things that relate to your destiny. Invest in those people, places, and things that relate to your destiny.

Remember, the Unseen Hand of God. It is upon your ministry. It is the Hand of Destiny. His Unseen Hand is leading and guiding you.

One of the basic primary meanings of the word "apostle" is "sent ones". An apostolic attitude is full of purpose and mission.

Passion for destiny is an earmark of apostolic attitude.

"Even so send I you." John 20:21

"And when they had fasted and prayed, they laid hands on them and sent them away." Acts 13:3


"For I long to see you that I may IMPART...." Romans 1:11

Paul expressed the core of apostolic attitude. Training, mentoring, developing, and making spiritual deposits in others consumes those with apostolic attitude. This attitude is constantly perceiving their "spiritual Timothys", those with whom they can develop a mentoring relationship.

Through impartation, your spiritual wisdom and understanding is transferred to another. Your ministry will not grow by knowledge alone. You must have both information AND impartation. This is how your ministry can be established and bear fruit.

"Through wisdom a house is built, and by understanding it is established." Proverbs 24:3

Joshua had the spirit of wisdom, for Moses had laid his hands upon him. Deuteronomy 34:9


Territories must be claimed for the Kingdom of God. Spiritual, geographical, financial, mental and relational realms will be advanced by apostolic attitude. Through this renewed mind set, the Church will be advanced into "regions beyond."

An Apostolic Attitude is one of expansion. Apostles are extenders. We extend the Kingdom of God into realms beyond the average mind set of believers. Apostolic attitude is constantly on the advance. It encompasses the spiritual, the mental, the geographical, the relational and the financial realms of the mind of the Holy Spirit.

The Holy Spirit has an apostolic attitude of expansion!

II Corinthians 10:16 -- To preach the Gospel in regions beyond....

Acts 6:7 -- And the Word of God increased....

Acts 16:5 -- And so were the churches established in the faith, and increased in number daily.

Leader, there is so much more. Take these three concepts of apostolic attitude--DESTINY, IMPARTATION, EXPANSION -- and explore your next level in the Spirit of God. An Apostolic-Breakthrough Anointing awaits you!!!


I am moving My stedfast ones to a greater level of perspective. There is a launch out into the waters of ministry and you will not go under. There is a new strength as My sent ones touch your life and ministry.

The tribulations of the past have brought greater qualifications. Know this, those things of the past have not disqualified you, but have brought a sense of stedfastness in Me that is proof of thy endurance. As a good soldier, you have endured hardness.

Now is the time to sit in a different seat in this arena.

You shall see more clearly and know My purposes more assuredly. Get ready for persistence to be energized by My Spirit, saith the Lord.