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This word is submitted by Darryl Hattrich (pl_darryl@planters.net)


The Time of Sweet Wine

One morning during worship the Lord gave me a vision. I saw a winepress. As I watched grapes being pressed in this wooden contraption I noted several things. One is the appearance of the grapes as they went through the process of being pressed. I saw the pulp pressed over and over until it became part of the juice. It has been so pressed that the only thing left was juice. I also saw the skin of the grapes. These too were pressed over and over again until all the juice had been released from the skin. I noted the deepest color just under the skin. This was not an easy task. The process had to be repeated over and over until it had been completed. There were also seeds in the press. As I watched I understood that the seed would remain intact and collected in the recesses of the press until such a time for oil pressing. I was very aware of the juice, deep, dark burgundy red running from the press and flowing out to cover the area around it. Then He spoke to me these words:

"See I have invited you in. And you would think that you have come into a glorious place. Yes child, Oh yes. you have come into a glorious place. But not as a man would think - not by man's design - but by Mine. By invitation because you thought to invite Me into your lives, your very lives. so then I have brought you here into this glorious place. Listen to it now, hear the Name by which this place is known. See now, you have asked to see My Glory so I have brought you here that you might see and know My Glory. Even here, even into My Winepress.

See, I Am pressing you in My Winepress and you think there is nothing left, nothing left to be pressed out but Oh My child, trust Me. I know when enough is enough. I know when it is time. The time of Sweet Wine. Don't you know I am preparing you to carry forth to those with out, My Sweet Wine. So be pressed, but know My Glory awaits you. You will see and you will know My Glory. It is so destined that you should be called, indeed you are, those who would carry My Glory forth to those with out.

Be pressed. Be pressed."

In Him

Lee Hattrich