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This word is submitted by John Brzozowski (jjb14wel@amexol.net)


Abide in Me and I Will Abide in You

It has been our experience in our little church that God sometimes comes upon us and sometimes speaks to us to "break our hearts" so that we will continue to be open to His working in our lives, so that He can fulfill what He has promised, both corporately and individually. He has been reminding us that He is the Pearl of Great Price, and not His gifts or His blessings. Let us encourage each other daily....

Will you walk with me?
Will you talk with me?
Will you eat with me?
Will you dance with me?

Will you live with me?
Will you talk with me?
Will you listen to me?

For my people have visited me long enough. They seem like such short visits. For I come to my people and I say, "Where is my portion? Where is the honor that is due me?" For I am like the ruler of a great household and I care and I wean my children and they grow and go each one in their own direction. But my people never leave my household. For those who abide with Me and I with them, I will bless them that bless Me. The Light will never leave their household. For I will no longer bribe my children to come to my presence. But those who come will be richly rewarded.

I am building a people who will be steadfast in Me and centered in Me, who will strive to live out My life in them. They will find their security in Me. They will be free to go hither and yon because they are centered in Me. Earthly things will not have domination. They will sell all earthly things and find the Pearl of Great Price.

For I am come to set you in your place, to establish you in your place. There are still places that are vacant. I look and I do not see all that I have set in place. So, I have come to re-establish and refine. For many say, "that is too large a place for me". And others say, "I do not know [my place]". But be assured, you will know and you will inhabit the place I have set for you in Me. I will reveal myself and stand alongside of you. We will sow together and reap together for My life will inhabit My people. I have declared it and it will be so. My house will be a house of praise and worship and glory. There will no longer be any drifting in and out and I will expand in the place that I have set you.