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This word is submitted by John Brzozowski (jjb14wel@amexol.net)


Rebuilding the Walls

For I am rebuilding the walls, I am restoring that which has been broken. I am restoring the dry places, the places where the enemy has come in, where the world has come in. And that is why I am pouring out of the spirit of grace, because I am the Spirit of grace. I am the great redeemer, I am your loving Father and so what I pour out is the spirit of grace. For I work through my Holy Spirit, who is the Spirit of grace and will rebuild by grace and I will restore.

And I am looking for a people who will not insult the Spirit of grace, who will not grieve the Spirit of grace, who will give me free reign to rebuild and build up as I see fit. For I am looking for a people who will come into my presence and receive from me, to receive a spirit of grace from me, that they may rise up and live. A people who are not content with the words of man, but who will learn to receive from the open spout of my Spirit. For the day will come when there will be open sprouts, as it were, of my Spirit around the world and many will come. For there will be streams of my grace and rivers of my presence.

And I will again go out to the outermost parts. For I will leave, as it were, the city of men and go out outside the gates and outside the walls where man has dumped those who are lost, unworthy, those who have been bruised and destroyed, those who have been tossed into the dunghill outside the city of man. For I will again go out and visit the pit and I will pour out my Spirit and bring life to those who are dead, to those who have been rejected, to those who have been esteemed lowly and my grace will go forth and I will find them. And not only will I find them and bring them to me but I will restore them and I will build them up. And out of the deadest, out of the driest I will raise up new life and it will be my life. And nothing will withstand the force of my grace as it is poured, and the force of my presence that will be poured out.

And I will smash the spirit of condemnation which has come upon my church, upon many areas of my church and my people will no longer be confused, they will no longer rely on the doctrines of men and their tradition. And I will smash the spirit of condemnation which strangles the life which I have put in my people. For they will see me more and more as I am and they will throw off the shackles . They will say "I am not living in this world. I am not of this world". And they will throw off the shackles which man has bound around them, which the world has tried to form them into its own mold.