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This word is submitted by Jane Larsen (jlarsen65@hotmail.com)



Trust me. Put your house in order. I have been telling you to clean and clear and put your house in order. I am the searcher of hearts and have brought to the surface that which must be discarded. I am the one who has searched in the painful places, who has unlocked the hidden places, who has touched the empty places, and I am gentle, I am loving, I am calling you to trust in me. I am exposing that which holds you down. That which slows you, that which distracts you. This is a time of cleansing, of deep cleansing, of breaking from the past and making way for today. I desire to fill the places I am exposing. I fill to overflowing. I fill with light, with joy, with good things.

See, the clouds are parting and even now the sun is starting to shine. Trust me. Trust the work I am doing in you. I am bringing forth new. New and wonderful. New. Delight in my working.

In His Name and to His Glory