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This Word is submitted by Larry Sloma (Larrysloma@aol.com)



Behold, look and see that...

Those who I have called, in My Word, had no credentials. Those who I have sent were given "I AM have sent you." Those who I have sent moved in My authority. My Son was sent to a people who were trapped in their tradition. The were blinded by the letter of the law. They tripped over the very Word that was a lamp unto their feet. They were caught up with a god who was and not a God who is. They were looking in their past to secure their present. They were not welcoming the future for the freedom from their current bondage.

You must be Holy to stand before the burning bush, your heart is what I measure. I choose ordinary people to do My extraordinary work. Ones who will "do it" as I asked my disciples with the loaves and fishes. Those who will lay down their silver and gold so they can give away what I have put into their hearts. Those who will be bruised like wheat so they too can be given as "bread of life."

You wait to receive that that is without. I have already placed within you rivers of living water. You have been given what you need. Allow My spirit to produce from within you. Consume My Word. Allow me to be Lord of all. Allow My fire to fall on you. See who I. Am. Know Me as your most prized companion. Are you of the world or My kingdom. Are you fro Me or against Me. Do you love Me, do you love Me, do you really love Me? Then obey Me and become My humble servant.