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This word is submitted by Cynthia Mosley (mosleykinilee@netzero.net)


Hear my voice! Oh my people

Hear my voice, oh my people! Stretch out your hand to me and know that I am your God. I am the one who delivered you, the one who has renewed you. You are in distress because you have not trusted me, You have not believed my ways, nor through my thoughts in my house.

Take my hand and know that I will deliver you again and take you into the promised land. Do you not believe that I am your God? Do you not remember the things of old?

I am your deliverer, I am your Sword and Shield. I am the one who has brought you through many waters. I have saved you from many storms. Listen closely to my words for I am trying to help you overcome. My children you are called to be overcomers in a dark world, in a world where wickedness has become the god of it's people. Look up to the heavens as I draw nigh to the day of my coming.

My heart desires for my children to be spotless and beautiful for that day, that glorious day, when I return and take my bride with me to my dwelling place. It will be a place of purity and love where my light reigns and my spirit rules on that great glorious day!

Jump to me! Reach for me! Take my hand, and let me lead you through the waters to where there is Freedom. There is freedom in my spirit, freedom in my Love. So come to me now! Come to me quickly without delay! Do not lag behind! Do not sleep! Awake, and rise up! And be ready for that day -- the day of redemption! The day of Rejoicing where we will stand together in my Glory......Trust me! Trust me!

I never leave my children forsaken or begging for bread or drinking old wine. My children you have the new wine, which is me. Drink of me and you will never thirst! You will never thirst! Believe me on this......Stand up now and be all I have been molding you to be...... My heart is waiting. I am waiting patiently for my bride. Come to me Now...Come to me Now.........