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This word is submitted by Barbara Doyle (lifegivers@sylcom.net)


Open Your Eyes and Ears

Open your "eyes" and you will see, open your "ears" and you will hear.

There are things I've wanted to speak but I'd open My mouth and you would run away in fear. Fear that I would say something strange or hard but if you would only be still, you could feel the love. Yes, some things I say will be hard, different and even strange, but if you are living close to Me you will have no fear. All that I do or ask of you, is to show My love for you. When you allow me to love you on my grounds, only then will fear leave.

My love casts out fear and can only bring faith. Any situation that comes is only to prove my love for you and when you run from Me you refuse the gift and of course fear comes in. Believe me when I say so simply "I love you." That's no big deal for me. That's all I can do -- is love you. You allow people and even animals to love but you can't trust me to love you. Oh, man, when will you "hear" and when will you "see?" The time is NOW if you will let it be.

Barbara Doyle